CCHD: 2016 It’s That Time of Year Again

CCHD: 2016 It’s That Time of Year Again

ProLifeCorner-1-13-2016 – Frank Munda

There is no denying that the Catholic Church in America is very generous with its financial support for the needy all throughout the world. We are starting the New Year and all across this country parishes will have their annual financial campaign for charity. Depending on the diocese, the names of these campaigns will vary. Sadly the one common denominator is many of these campaigns will include money for the Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). Often The CCHD supports some organizations that are less than Christian and many of its tenets are to the point of being anti-Christian i.e. pro-abortion etc..

We are resubmitting here some articles that have been published previously over the years and which are still pertinent today. Unfortunately, to my knowledge many of the parishes continue to support CCHD and other radical groups. Continue reading

CCHD: It’s That Time of Year Again

2014 CCHD Catholic Campaign for Human Development report.

From It’s that time of year again – the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is going to be asking for YOUR money . . . and they’ll be spending it on things against the faith!

ProLifeCorner editors note:  As Michael Voris will explain in the short video below the problem with the CCHD has gone on for many years and they have been misappropriating funds by giving money to pro-abortion and radical left-wing groups; money which has been given to them in good faith. After you watch Michael’s video return to this page and follow the link below to an article we wrote back in November of 2012 exposing this problem. And then see the Michael Voris and the ALL (American life league) video on that page which explains in great detail the misappropriations of funds by the CCHD. Continue reading

The Scandals at the CCHD and CRS Continue by Frank Munda- To our shame, heartache, and embarrassment the scandals involving the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) and the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) support of pro-abortion and left-wing groups continue. Michael Voris, a loyal son of the Catholic Church, gives us a video report that shows the Campaign for Human Development and Catholic Relief Services, in spite of all the evidence exposing their corruption, are still  supporting anti-life groups directly and indirectly. Continue reading

CCHD: Good With One Hand, Evil With The Other

ProLifeCorner.Com-  By Frank Munda- It saddens me that I have to write yet another article involving CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development).  I am not a lone voice crying out in the wilderness.  I am also not a dissenter within the church, in fact  I’m just the opposite.  I love the Catholic Church and her teachings. With that being said, Holy Scripture says ”does your brother offend you?  If so, rebuke him”.  That’s the reason for this series of articles.   Good people, more knowledgeable than I, have been doing this for over four years.  It is also a right, no, it is my duty as a layperson to do the same. Continue reading

CCHD Catholic Campaign for Human Development – by Frank Munda – It’s been well over 15 years since my wife and I realized that the Campaign for Human Development was involved in things that a Christ-centered charitable organization should never be involved in.  Back then all it took was a look at the envelope to see who the money was being given to. Then, with a little research, we found that some of the grantees were far to the left, so we just stopped giving.  Obviously one family holding back their donations did not solve the problem.  They, the CCHD, still give money to left-wing organizations all of these many years later  and it is now well-known.  They gave over $7 million to Acorn, a radical left-wing group that helped empower Barak Hussein Obama. Continue reading