Rockford, Il – 3-4-15 – Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – We are writing to the Bishops of the Catholic Church with deep concern in regards to the scandal that is taking place at Catholic Relief Services.

You will see in the links below, well documented evidence of the abuse of children by CRS and the cover-up that followed. I am sure it would be much easier to ignore what has happened but we have all seen in the past what happens to children when some of our Bishops refuse to take direct action when young people are harmed in the Church. Continue reading

The Scandals at the CCHD and CRS Continue by Frank Munda- To our shame, heartache, and embarrassment the scandals involving the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) and the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) support of pro-abortion and left-wing groups continue. Michael Voris, a loyal son of the Catholic Church, gives us a video report that shows the Campaign for Human Development and Catholic Relief Services, in spite of all the evidence exposing their corruption, are still  supporting anti-life groups directly and indirectly. Continue reading

Rockford Pro-Life Votes To Donate Millions Of Dollars To Catholic Relief Services

Rockford, Il – (Rockford Pro-Life Initiative) – 10-11-13 – When Pope Francis accused Pro-Lifer’s of being “obsessed” with moral issues like contraception, homosexuality, and abortion the Board of Directors of the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative did some soul searching.  We realized we are in some ways “obsessed” with saving babies from being murdered by abortion and helping mothers who are being harmed by the culture of death.

Even though this “obsession” with saving babies from death and helping mothers played a part in the closing of Rockford’s demonic abortion mill our Board of Directors decided the Rock Pro-life Initiative should do an act of penance for being “obsessed” with helping people in need. Continue reading

Catholic Relief Services Attack Pro-Lifers

Updated      Rockford, Il – ( – 8-9-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – The Gloves Come Off – Catholic Relief Services Attack Pro-Lifers.  Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has been caught partnering with pro-abortion organizations, donating millions to groups that promote contraception, and working with groups that oppose Church teaching on many issues.  CRS has issued a response to the mountain of evidence that shows they have given tens of millions of dollars to groups that support the culture of death.    Continue reading

CRS Responds To Another Scandal – 2-23-2013 – by Staff – Below is Catholic Relief Services (CRS) response to information that they have been knowingly funding pro-abortion groups in Mexico.  The CRS statement does not address the disappointing news that CRS has not responded to media and donor request for information on other organizations they may be funding and how much money they have given to all of the organizations in question. Continue reading

Donate To Operation Rice Bowl – Support Abortion? – 2-21-2013 – by Staff – Catholic Relief Services has a long history of partnering with pro-abortion organizations.  It has been revealed today that Catholic Relief Service has been funding more pro-abortion groups in Mexico.  CRS also seems very unwilling to answer direct questions concerning these groups and how much CRS has given them. Continue reading