The Two Most Deadly Sentences In The World

Rockford, Il – ( – 12-20-2013 – by Kevin Rilott – Liberals picture themselves as the champions of minorities, women, and “choice” and have, with no evidence and no proof, accused Christians of conducting a “war on women.”  It is interesting to note a few studies that have just been released. Continue reading

Feral Cats – Purveyors of Disease By Frank Munda-  Many of us are aware that pregnant women should avoid any contact with cat litter boxes because of the danger to her health and the health of her preborn baby.  I have recently read several articles about feral cats and their effect on the community at large, expanding our concern beyond pregnant women. We assure our feline-loving friends this is not an attack on domestic cats who receive proper medical attention and shots.  This is a slightly expanded version of a letter to the editor sent to both the Freeport and Rockford newspapers. Continue reading

55 Million Dead & Counting! Woe To You  Christian Action News-  We need to think about the slaughter of the preborn, not just in January, not just in March, but every day of the year.  There can be no peace in America, no peace on earth until the day that abortion and euthanasia is only a bad memory in our past.  On January 22nd we mourned the 40 long years of unabated killing of the most innocent and defenseless of humanity. How can that be in a “civilized” society? Where are the mothers, where are the fathers, where are the Christians, where is the church, where are the pro-lifers? What are you doing to end the killings? We know that 55 million babies have been brutally torn apart or burned alive in their mother’s womb as reported by the CDC. What we don’t know are the countless millions also aborted in the privacy of “doctors” offices or “cosmetic salons” and not reported, plus the greater number of babies aborted by chemical abortions and contraceptives. Death stalks every child in the womb, up until the day of birth. Where is the outrage?  Continue reading