Room For The Christ Child

By Deirdre A. McQuade– is Assistant Director for Policy & Communications at the Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities, USCCB  Every   Christmas,   people   from Mexico and other parts of Central America celebrate Las Posadas, a nine-day no vena of prayer, song, and hospitality built around Mary and Joseph’s struggle to find lodging in Bethlehem.   Families   walk   from home to home, singing their request for shelter. But owners reject their uninvited would-be guests, turning them away with excuses like: “we’re not run­ning an inn” or “you could be a thief.” Continue reading

Some Interesting Facts About Christmas During early Christianity, different parts of the world celebrated Christmas on different dates. If you traveled widely in the Roman world, you could enjoy six different Christmases in a year. It was Pope Julius 1 in the mid-fourth century who appointed Dionysius, a monk, to set a calendar standardizing a universal date, which came to be December 25th. Continue reading