Would Donald Sterling Be Welcomed To Rockford Coronado Theater?

 ProLifeCorner.com- Rockford Illinois- 5-21-2014 – By Staff-  The Rockford Metro Center Authority and BMO Harris Bank will be welcoming one of Americas most vicious bigots to the Coronado Theater on Saturday June 7th.

No, It’s is not Los Angeles clippers owner Donald Sterling who will be welcomed to the Coronado theater but a man who has been in the discrimination, public hatred, and bigotry business a lot longer than Donald Sterling has – Bill Maher. Continue reading

Vicious Anti-Christian Bigot Coming To Rockford

Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 3-5-2014 – by Staff – In an absolutely shocking move the Coronado theater is bringing the countries most anti-Christian hate monger to Rockford.  Bill Maher is so hate-filled and disgusting we can’t post his comments on this site but you can see them for yourself here. Please take the time to read the depth of pure depravity that Bill Maher has sunk to in his attacks on Christians. Continue reading