It’s official: Donald Trump is the Next President of the United States

It’s official: Donald Trump is the Next President of the United States

ProLifeCorner- Frank J. Munda

Donald Trump received 304 electoral votes. Donald Trump took 36 of the 38 electoral votes in Texas. Reuters reported that at least five Clinton electoral refused to vote for her. The interesting thing is, those on the left tried to get Republicans to defect and cast their vote for Hillary but more Democrats defected than Republicans. Two Republicans defected and voted against Trump, although not for Hillary.

It has been stated “The founding fathers “said the electoral college was not to elect a demagogue, was not to elect someone influenced by foreign powers, was not to elect someone who is unfit for office.”  If that’s the case Obama should have never been president and Hillary should not have been able to run. Continue reading

Winnebago County Democrats “TARGET” Police

Winnebago County Democrats “TARGET” Police

Anti-life, Anti-American

DEM WC Full shotProLifeCorner- Editorial: The Winnebago County Democrat Party, soon after five police officers were murdered in Dallas, posted (on their Facebook page) a vicious cartoon slandering police officers in the city of Chicago.

This offensive cartoon paints the majority of police officers in the city of Chicago as cold blooded killers. This type of inflammatory anti-police hate speech has led to officers being murdered around the country.

It is interesting to note that Chicago is the most gun controlled city in the country, that is responsible citizens can barely own a gun. However, terrorist/gang members have arsenals of weapons. The only protection that the citizens have is the local police force. It is a fact the Democrats removed guns from the hands of honest citizens in Chicago via their radical gun control laws. Publishing hate filled cartoons can only make the situation worse because the terrorists are the only ones who have guns. Continue reading

Senate Must Act on Military Priests October 8, 2013 – Bill Donohue comments on the absence of priests on military installations:  There are not enough priests in the military to service all Catholics, which is why the government contracts with members of the clergy to celebrate Mass, baptize children, and the like. But last weekend, many Catholic men and women in the armed forces were denied their constitutional right to practice their religion: non-active duty priests who are hired as government contractors were furloughed due to the partial government shutdown. Continue reading

Wendy’s Late Term Democrats

By David Catron- The Democratic Party is once again on the wrong side of history. In ancient Sparta, any newborn judged abnormal by the council of elders was exposed to the elements. The parents were required to desert the baby in the wild, where thirst, hunger, extreme temperatures or predators would kill the unacceptable infant. Today’s typical feminist, in the unlikely event that she were sufficiently literate in ancient history to know of this barbaric practice, would probably denounce it as an inevitable artifact of a militaristic, patriarchal society. And yet she would, along with most progressives, ferociously defend a remarkably similar modern barbarity — late-term abortion. Continue reading

Obama Voters at Biden Rally Vandalize Pro-Life Signs Reports on Rockford Pro-Life Initiative, great Job Rockford- Supporters of President Barack Obama in Wisconsin who were waiting to get into a local event with Vice President Joe Biden vandalized and spray-painted over pro-life signs held by pro-life rally protestors. Continue reading

The Choice Is God’s Way Or Man’s Way Bob Whalen is a well-known pro-life advocate in the Rockford area. He has been a faithful prayer warrior for many years at Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC ), Rockford’s now disgraced and closed abortion killing center. It is with great pleasure that we present a letter to the editor here on our pages. Continue reading

DNC Participants “Pro-Choice” on Abortion, But Nothing Else  A hilarious-but-tragic video making the rounds today on the Internet shows participants at the 2012 Democratic National Convention interviewed on camera about their views on abortion and other political issues. As Reason magazine’s film crew shows, Democrats are “pro-choice” on abortion but nothing else. Continue reading