March for Life on EWTN Television

March for Life on EWTN Television

We know if the mainstream media covers the March for Life it will be slanted. You can watch the March for Life on   This network is also available on many cable services: You can receive this coverage on regular radio as well as shortwave radio. They even have apps that you can download for your smart phone, or simply go to via your phone and listen to or watch live coverage. Please offer prayers of thanks to our Lord for sending us a pro-life president and vice president. Abortion has been with us throughout the centuries and it will take the Spirit of God to change people’s hearts and their minds. Let’s pray that this will be the year that our tax dollars will no longer go towards the murder of the pre-born child. Continue reading

Mark Pickup Tells His Story on EWTN’s Jim and Joy

Mark Pickup Tells His Story on EWTN’s Jim and Joy – EWTN TV- 10-8-2016 – Over the years we have shared with you the outstanding writings of Mark Pickup.  Today we have a real treat for you!  See the video below to see and hear Mark tell his story.  This is one of the most courageous, faithful, and heroic pro-life warriors we know. Please take time to listen to what Mark has to say and how he has overcome adversity and become a spokesman for the dignity of all human life.

God bless and keep you, Mark. Continue reading

National Catholic Register – We Deserve Better  Rockford IL-  8-15-2013   The National Catholic Register is an excellent Catholic newspaper.  They have many professional and experienced writers who report the news with truth and faith.  Sadly, they also carry a writer named Mark Shea who seems to be making a career out of distorting the truth about conservative Catholics and painting them all with the same vicious and hate-filled brush.  Continue reading

The Passing Of Deacon R. William Steltemeier, Jr.

Irondale, Ala.-   EWTN mourns passing of Deacon Steltemeier, founding president. Deacon R. William Steltemeier, Jr., founding president of the Eternal Word Television Network, died in Hanceville, Ala. on Feb. 15 at the age of 83 after a lengthy illness. Continue reading