Mark Pickup Tells His Story on EWTN’s Jim and Joy

Mark Pickup Tells His Story on EWTN’s Jim and Joy – EWTN TV- 10-8-2016 – Over the years we have shared with you the outstanding writings of Mark Pickup.  Today we have a real treat for you!  See the video below to see and hear Mark tell his story.  This is one of the most courageous, faithful, and heroic pro-life warriors we know. Please take time to listen to what Mark has to say and how he has overcome adversity and become a spokesman for the dignity of all human life.

God bless and keep you, Mark. Continue reading

My Sheep Hear My Voice

My Sheep Hear My Voice

4th Sunday In Easter

“My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me …”

Every evening she could hear the newborn in the apartment next door cry and cry. The parents put the child to sleep alone in the dark. The baby cries for a long time; the exhaust­ed parents clearly are oblivious to their child’s anguish or are at a loss as to what to do.

What can or should she do? She’s not sure. Speaking to the parents might make what is just an annoying situation into something much worse.

So, in her struggle and anguish, she decides to pray.  And lo and behold; during her earnest prayer, God’s good grace inspires her to sing! Continue reading