Prayer Service For Life, Freeport Illinois Freeport IL.- 1-24-2013-   40 years after the infamous Roe v Wade decision, babies are still being killed in their mothers womb.  Who would have thought that in America we would be destroying our own future by allowing the killing of the pre-born baby in the womb.  On January 22 all across this once great land of ours people gathered at courthouses, churches, gravesites and Memorial sites for the purpose of remembering the babies who have been killed and the mothers and fathers who are wounded by the act of abortion. Continue reading

Fall in Love With the Baby Jesus From My Pastor: Christmas is almost here! Historically speaking, in about 24 hours Mary would have started her labor. When labor begins, the reality of the coming of a brand new bouncing baby can really hit you. That is when you see “first time fathers” doing the silliest things in their excitement and nervousness. Continue reading