Happiness or Holiness

 Happiness or Holiness (or both?)

     “He began to teach them, saying: ‘Blessed are they …’ “

       At the conclusion of the movie “Bride of Frankenstein,” the movie sequel based on Mary’s Shelly’s book, “Frankenstein,” Frankenstein’s monster is emotionally devastated at the repugnant rejection of him by his so called, “bride to be.”

     With tears in its eyes, the heartbroken monster starts to throw a tantrum, when it inadvertently and unknowingly stumbles across a lever that, if moved in the wrong position, could set off a chain reaction and destroy the entire laboratory, and everything and everyone in it, including itself. 

      In anticipation of this potential disaster, the evil scientist sternly warns the monster “not to pull the lever” in the hopes the monster might react rationally, and avoid the impending calamity. 

Of course, sternly warning a monster of its moral obligation not to do something rash and immoral, immediately following a personally devastating emotional and psychological heartbreak and public humiliation is almost like inviting it, in fact, to “pull the lever.” That’s why they’re monsters!  They generally don’t listen very well, especially when you tell them to do something right or not do something wrong. Continue reading

More on Race and Margaret Sanger

More on Race and Margaret Sanger

ProLifeCorner – 9-14-2015 – by Staff

Not too long ago we put an article about Margaret Sanger on the PLC.  We discovered this piece of information and wanted to share it with our readers.  We’re sure you’ve probably read many of these points before, but it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves of the people we are up against; those who do not care if Planned Parenthood has murdered millions of babies since 1973 and has recently been exposed selling the body parts of those aborted babies for large profits.  Remember when the pro-abortion forces told us that it was not a child in the womb, only a blob of tissue?  It would appear they found arms, legs, brains, hearts, etc. when they aborted that “blob of tissue” and found a way to profit from it.  What a sick Frankenstein- like monster this organization is! Continue reading