When is Abortion More Than Abortion?

When is Abortion More Than Abortion?

ProlifeCorner-  By Larry Plachno-

Larry-150x1 blue            There have been an increasing number of questions from conservatives regarding the liberal position on abortion. Why is it so important to them? Why do the liberals insist that abortion be funded with tax dollars? Why is abortion tied to marriage and church? And, why do liberals insist on killing a baby instead of allowing him or her to be adopted?

The answers to these questions all go back to the polarization of our society. For liberals, abortion is the “flagship” of their “fleet” of various positions supporting their liberal stand that decisions and actions should be determined by personal choice rather than by judging them as good or evil based on what is best for others. If abortion was eliminated, or at least judged from the standpoint of good and evil, it would seriously weaken the liberal position supporting choice over good and evil. If you give me a few minutes of your time, I will explain the background behind our polarized society and why abortion has emerged as a key point in this struggle. Continue reading

Abortion and our Unsustainable Society

Abortion and our Unsustainable Society

ProLifeCorner-  By Larry Plachno-  Sustainability has recently become an attractive catchword in business and industry. In addition to the obvious meaning that a particular procedure or product can be ongoing or continuous, it also tends to carry the connotations of being healthy and eco-friendly.

Larry-150x1 blue           Our society is no longer sustainable due in large part to abortion and related actions or attitudes. In fact, our society has become unsustainable in three different ways. One is that we can no longer agree on good and evil or common goals. The second is that we have moved to harming society rather than supporting it. And the third is that because of abortion and related actions we have become an endangered species and our society is dying out.

You probably will not find any of these three critical items discussed in the mainstream media to any extent. Yes, topics will come up from time to time but their negative impact on our society is rarely mentioned and little will be said about abortion and related decisions and actions as the cause. Continue reading

Are We Asking the Wrong Questions?

ProLifeCorner-       By Larry Plachno-  It could be that the reason why our society is falling apart is because we are asking the wrong questions.

        There is a G.K. Chesterton quotation that is very appropriate right about now. He said “Jesus promised his disciples three things – that they would be completely fearless, absurdly happy, and in constant trouble.” So, the obvious question is when were you last in trouble over your stand on morals? Have you at least taken a stand that caused others to give you a funny look? If neither, then there is probably a pretty big chance that you are asking the wrong questions. Continue reading

The Generation that Ignored Good and Evil?

Will We Go Down in History As the Generation that Ignored Good and Evil?

ProLifeCorner-   By Larry Plachno

         The famous G.K. Chesterton is known for his many insightful quotes. One that is particularly appropriate in our current situation is: “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem.”

         And we do have problems. One recent survey indicated that approximately three out of every four Americans think that our country is heading in the wrong direction. Our social problems are out of control, our families are disintegrating, and our people no longer believe in good and evil. Our society has become so brainwashed and influenced by the liberal media that we can no longer see the cause of our problems. It is increasingly obvious that our society is falling apart because we no longer judge our actions as good or evil and we no longer think about doing what is best for other people and society. Continue reading

Abortion: Looking at Both Cause and Effect

ProLifeCorner.com- By Larry Plachno-  Thousands of individuals and groups have devoted time, effort and money in reducing and eliminating abortion. However, they generally based their stand against abortion on its effect. This starts with the killing of innocent and defenseless human beings. It includes the results of abortion that harm women in so many different ways. And, it also involves the negative demographic, social and financial effects of abortion on our country. Continue reading

Peace on Earth: What will it Take?

ProLifeCorner.com-   by Larry Plachno-

        This is the season where many of us wish for Peace on Earth. But, do we ever stop to think what it will take to have Peace on Earth? Then, the next question we need to ask ourselves is what are each of us doing to move our world closer to Peace on Earth? Continue reading

Gun Control or People Control?

ProLifeCorner.com-  By Larry Plachno-Anyone who follows the news was shocked by the recent shooting at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut where more than 20 people, many of them children, lost their lives. My heart and my prayers go out to the victims, their families and their friends over this tragedy. Continue reading