Gosnell Not A Rarity

ProLifeCorner.com – 5-16-2013 –Intro by Staff – We received the following comment from a longtime pro-life advocate, Vicki Johnson of the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative.  She was among the many who stood valiantly in front of Rockford’s house of horrors at 10th and Broadway, so she is certainly qualified to give her opinion on the Gosnell horrors.   After her short statement is another article that demonstrates Gosnell was not a rarity in the abortion business; now we have the news of another butcher whose “clinic” is in Texas.  There have also been reports of the same type of depravity in Florida.  Is the crack in the ice finally exposing what we have known all along, that abortion is violent, brutal to mother and deadly to baby, and one of the greatest sins against God and mankind? Continue reading

Abortionist Gosnell found GUILTY of murder

By Eric Scheidler –  Have you heard? Notorious late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell was just found GUILTY of three counts of FIRST DEGREE MURDER by the jury in his Philadelphia trial. The Gosnell trial has put the horror of abortion front and center in the media and forced Americans to think about the humanity of unborn children. Continue reading

Gosnell On Trial For Running a “House of Horrors”

Abortion, Contraception Consequences on Display in Gosnell’s ‘house of horrors’  By The Most Reverend James Conley Bishop of Lincoln

Our news outlets are not known for their squeamish attitude toward violence. On the contrary, reporters are often criticized for fixating on violence, exploiting it as fodder for the 24-hour news cycle.  We rarely see journalists shying away from a gruesome case. Yet, the media has been reluctant to cover the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell – a Philadelphia abortionist accused of committing unspeakable crimes at his “Women’s Medical Center.” Continue reading

Has Abortion Liberated Women?

ProLifeCorner.com – 5-6-2013 – by AnnaRae – How does one begin to address a subject as hideous as abortion on demand?  Do we start with the so-called “back alley abortions”?  We all should know by now that the number of women who died from such a process was greatly exaggerated by the abortion rights movement that ushered in Roe v Wade.  Now we have legalized (decriminalized) abortion on demand that we were told would keep women from the horror of the back alley butchers.  Guess what?  Now those very same butchers operate abortion “clinics” across America legally but are still destroying women with their filthy back alley conditions.  Clean?  Safe?  What a joke!  Look at Gosnell and the disgusting house of horrors he operated.  Continue reading

Why is Gosnell Smiling?

By Priests for Life -Come join with me today and this weekend on a few important tasks in defense of life! First of all, tonight is the special FOX documentary on Kermit Gosnell. Please spread the word and be sure to watch it. Here are the details: It is called “See No Evil – The Kermit Gosnell Murders” and will air tonight, Friday, May 3, at 9pm ET (8pm CT, etc.) for one hour. Then it will repeat again on Sunday night at 9pm ET. Continue reading

Obama Ignores Gosnell During Planned Parenthood Speech

by John Jalsevac-  April 26, 2013 LifeSiteNews– President Obama took a combative stance during his speech to Planned Parenthood today, pledging his unconditional support to the abortion giant, and, at more than one point, taking a swipe at pro-life activists who oppose the organization. Continue reading

From Dehumanizing Word Games to Gosnell

ProLifeCorner.com – 4-12-2013 – Below are just a few of the comments generated by an article written by Andrew McCarthy in the National Review concerning the Gosnell trial.  These comments say it all!  We are living in a time of unparalleled greed and violence,  yet many people turn their heads away and ignore the carnage being perpetrated upon our unborn.  The mainstream media has given the Gosnell trial very little, if any, coverage yet they pounce upon any cruelty to an animal.  It is apparent the media prefers not to report anything that would allow the general public to see the violence that is abortion.  They seem to have no trouble censoring what they tell us, only allowing people to hear and read what they want known.   Substandard abortion clinics seem to have become the norm; one only has to remember the conditions of the infamous Northern Illinois Women’s Center to see how women are being treated.  McCarthy’s term “abortion enthusiasts” hits the nail right on the head.  They care nothing about women or the horror they endure as long as they can keep abortion legal.  Continue reading