Happiness or Holiness

 Happiness or Holiness (or both?)

     “He began to teach them, saying: ‘Blessed are they …’ “

       At the conclusion of the movie “Bride of Frankenstein,” the movie sequel based on Mary’s Shelly’s book, “Frankenstein,” Frankenstein’s monster is emotionally devastated at the repugnant rejection of him by his so called, “bride to be.”

     With tears in its eyes, the heartbroken monster starts to throw a tantrum, when it inadvertently and unknowingly stumbles across a lever that, if moved in the wrong position, could set off a chain reaction and destroy the entire laboratory, and everything and everyone in it, including itself. 

      In anticipation of this potential disaster, the evil scientist sternly warns the monster “not to pull the lever” in the hopes the monster might react rationally, and avoid the impending calamity. 

Of course, sternly warning a monster of its moral obligation not to do something rash and immoral, immediately following a personally devastating emotional and psychological heartbreak and public humiliation is almost like inviting it, in fact, to “pull the lever.” That’s why they’re monsters!  They generally don’t listen very well, especially when you tell them to do something right or not do something wrong. Continue reading

Ingenuity, imagination, and Effort in the Spiritual Life

Ingenuity, imagination, and Effort in the Spiritual Life

“For the children of this world are more prudent in dealing with their own generation than are the children of light.”

A few years ago, a college student was convicted of smuggling several thousand pounds of marijuana into the country. The student had created quite an effective system for procuring and distributing the marijuana. The judge who heard the case did not sentence the student to jail — instead, the student was sentenced to set up and run a hospice for AIDS patients. The logic? The city needed the hospice, and the convicted smuggler had the organizational and business savvy to make it happen. Continue reading

Full Report on Mark Pickup’s Address in DC

Full Report on Mark Pickup’s Address in DC

ProLifeCorner –  Mark Pickup, as many of you already know, heads up Human Life Matters.org . Although Mark is Canadian, I think he is more American than many Americans.  It is a privilege to be able to read his wonderful words of wisdom, and to acknowledge him as our friend. Mark and his wife LaRee are pillars of strength in the pro-life movement all throughout North America.

He just sent us a link to his article entitled “What I Said In Washington” and it is with great pleasure we present it now! Continue reading

Homily On The Happiness Of Heaven

ProLifeCorner.com-    “… He parted from them, and was carried up into heaven.”  Concert pianist and composer Paul Sullivan remembers the day he discov­ered the enchantment of music. “On a September morning when I was nine years old, I showed up for the first day of choir school in Boston. I was one of forty boys raging around the choir room, whooping it up and babbling and trying to find our assigned seats, when suddenly the choir master entered – and the room fell silent. He smiled gently at us and told us to open our hymn books to a particular page, where we found a Bach chorale. He played our starting notes quietly on the piano, paused for a moment of silence, and gave us a downbeat. What happened next changed me forever. Continue reading