2014 – A Year of Repentance

America Needs Repentance Now

ProLifeCorner.com-by Annarae- America Needs Repentance Now –   Greetings to all of our brothers and sisters in Christ; may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. I would like to suggest to you something that could bring millions, possibly hundreds of millions, of prayers to our Father in heaven; prayers offered in humble contrition for the sins committed against God our Father.  As a nation we have committed sins of commission and omission; God has blessed America more than any other nation in the world and yet we have turned our backs to Him. Continue reading

NY Times Survey of Catholics

Update-  March 6, 2013 – Bill Donohue comments on some of the findings from a survey of self-identified Catholics as reported in today’s New York Times: Whether someone who “attends Mass a few times a year or never” can be considered Catholic is debatable, but at any rate those responses make for interesting reading when compared to those who “attend Mass weekly.” The majority of weekly attendees have a favorable view of Pope Benedict XVI; only a quarter of those who rarely attend feel the same way. Regarding recent papal events, 72% of weekly attendees have been closely following the news stories, while only 35% of those who rarely attend have been doing so. Continue reading