It’s official: Donald Trump is the Next President of the United States

It’s official: Donald Trump is the Next President of the United States

ProLifeCorner- Frank J. Munda

Donald Trump received 304 electoral votes. Donald Trump took 36 of the 38 electoral votes in Texas. Reuters reported that at least five Clinton electoral refused to vote for her. The interesting thing is, those on the left tried to get Republicans to defect and cast their vote for Hillary but more Democrats defected than Republicans. Two Republicans defected and voted against Trump, although not for Hillary.

It has been stated “The founding fathers “said the electoral college was not to elect a demagogue, was not to elect someone influenced by foreign powers, was not to elect someone who is unfit for office.”  If that’s the case Obama should have never been president and Hillary should not have been able to run. Continue reading

I Have a New Hero

I Have a New Hero

ProLifeCorner- Frank J Munda- I have the new hero.   Of course on my list are all of our founding fathers, Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, and the countless men and women who have fought for our freedoms in all the wars since the beginning of this country on up to this present moment.

I just received a link to a video addressing the issue of the terrorists who are looting and burning in protest of the Donald Trump victory for the presidency. (By the way, Mr. Obama, pro-life citizens who are knelt in prayer in front of an abortion clinic are not “terrorists.”  The Hillary supporters looting and burning are the real terrorists.) The man in this video is literally laying his life on the line to tell the truth about these violent protesters. This man, Thaddeus Dionne Alexander, is not only a wonderful example of an American patriot but he is one very courageous man. It takes courage to speak the truth and this man does it in a very clear and in a no-nonsense way. May our Lord bless Thaddeus and send his Angels to watch over and protect him from all harm.

PS:  Dear President-elect Donald Trump, please consider this man for a cabinet position. I know he has no previous experience, how about your Press Secretary, that would really freak out the journalists.

“Thaddeus Dionne Alexander Protesting….really? A message to all of the Hillary supporters”

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7th Video PP Harvesting Brain of Aborted Baby Who Was Still Alive

7th Video PP Harvesting Brain of Aborted Baby Who Was Still Alive

7th Shocking Video Catches Planned Parenthood Harvesting Brain of Aborted Baby Who Was Still Alive. This is the subhuman behavior that Obama, Hillary, Mark Kirk, and the majority of the House are supporting. When we vote for people like this we too will be judged for their crimes against humanity. – 8-20-2015 – by Annarae, Staff Writer – This may well be the most difficult article we have ever had to put on ProLifeCorner. and we have had some articles and videos that sent cold chills down our back.  However, each video that is revealed about the practices of Planned Parenthood gets worse and worse.  How is it possible!  The latest expose is beyond words.  Barbaric doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Please prepare yourself for this video; pray for an end to this evil organization, pray for guidance that you will do everything in your power to bring an end to not only Planned Parenthood, but to all abortions.  If you don’t yet realize it, abortion is destroying our nation and our world one baby at a time.  With over 2 billion, that’s right-billion, abortions done worldwide and with atheism and occult practices on the increase, we are in danger of losing our immortal souls.  Pray, pray, pray, to end abortion and all the other evils flooding our nation and world. Continue reading