Easter Triduum

Easter Triduum

Easter Triduum  Latin:  Triduum Paschale,  Holy Triduum  Latin: Triduum SacrumPaschal Triduum, or The Three Days  is the period of three days that begins with the liturgy on the evening of Maundy Thursday  Holy Thursday  and ends with Evening Prayer on Easter Sunday.  It recalls the passiondeathburial, and resurrection of Jesus, as portrayed in the Gospels.

Over the past several years I have found much peace and joy while listening to these audio presentations. I listen to these on and off throughout the year, however these talks are especially prepared for the Lenten season.  May I suggest that you listen to these presentations as part of your Easter preparation.

(Audio, listen while you work)

Holy Thursday


Good Friday


Holy Saturday, leading to His glorious Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

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The Easter Triduum 2017

The Easter Triduum 2017

ProLifeCorner-  Frank J. Munda- Every year during Lent for the past several years I try to listen to Fr. John Corapi’s presentation of The Easter Triduum. It helps me to think more of our Lord’s passion starting on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and on to Holy Saturday, leading into His glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday.

There are many good and holy pastors who have given great homilies on this subject. I am especially partial to Fr. Corapi’s talk. As you do your meditations this Lent, please pray for Father Corapi and all ministers who are serving our Lord by ministering to us through their preaching’s.

Also, please pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters all throughout the world who cannot worship our Lord without fear of being attacked. May our Lord deliver them from these days of sorrow and bring peace, joy, and love back into their lives. Continue reading