Will Mark Kirk Continue to Support Planned Parenthood?

Will Mark Kirk Continue to Support Planned Parenthood?

Obama and the Congress have increased Federal support for Planned Parenthood from $350 million to $540 Million per year. An increase of approximately 54% on the federal level alone. How much was your pay raise last year?

Freeport, Il – ProLifeCorner.com – 8 -13-2015 – Frank Munda-   We have a great opportunity to ask our Senator, Mark Kirk, questions about Planned Parenthood regarding the news that has recently been brought forth concerning this huge corporation.  Most importantly we can ask Senator Kirk: In light of a fifth video exposing the corruption and illegal activities of Planned Parenthood, will he continue to  support Planned Parenthood and their evil practices of selling human body parts?  Continue reading

Poverty, Employment and Marriage

Poverty, Employment and Marriage. Love your neighbor by reducing poverty

ProLifeCorner-  By Larry Plachno

       Jesus Christ admonished us to love our neighbor. One way of doing that is by reducing poverty in our country. There has been an increasing concern in recent years about the growing poverty in the United States, our decreasing middle class and fewer traditional families. Not unexpectedly, all of these are interconnected.

       Numerous programs and plans have been suggested or put in place in recent decades to deal with these problems. They range from secular charity programs to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development administered by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops. However, many of these programs have come under fire because they tend to deal with the effects of the problem instead of dealing with the causes of poverty and trying to reduce or eliminate it. Continue reading