Natural Family Planning Awareness

Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness

Editors note: This is an excellent piece of work by a dear friend of the ProLifeCorner. It is my opinion that this work could be presented as a state  of the union regarding  the Church.  it  is well worth your time to read this document,  The peace of our Lord be with you and  your family.  In Christ,  editor:  Frank

ProLifeCorner-  Not long after the United States of America began to take shape and the founding fathers set forth their principles, the Catholic Church in America began to grow. In the beginning it was not in any way victimized by the politics of the day.

Over time, however, that all changed. The role of the Catholic Church in the context of the American experience became challenging, at least as far as the Vatican was concerned. As early as the late 1800s Rome was reminding American bishops that, while the Catholic population should be assimilated into the culture of this still young America, the integration of Catholics into the culture should not necessitate changing anything fundamental to the identity of the Church and its people (in other words, don’t change, modify, dilute, or misinterpret the Church’s teachings for any reason)! Continue reading

Abortion, Politics and the Slippery Slope

Abortion, Politics and the Slippery Slope

ProLifeCorner-     By Larry Plachno

Larry-150x1 blueMany people may ask whether there is an obvious connection between abortion, politics and the slippery slope. The demographers and researchers will tell you that there is a very obvious connection. Moreover, this connection explains why our society is falling apart.

Our Polarized Society

Those who have been keeping up with research, or even just reading the news, are aware that our society has become increasingly polarized. A poll by a well-known company in late April of 2016 showed that only 26 percent of Americans feel that the United States is heading in the right direction. An earlier poll of likely voters in February of 2016 disclosed that 81 percent of the respondents felt that the Federal Government is corrupt.

Another poll in April of 2016 showed that nearly 30 percent of Americans felt that the political parties were out of step with the voters. This is increasingly obvious as the presidential election campaign unfolds. On the conservative side, the two candidates with the most support were both mavericks who did not follow traditional politics. Even the liberals have a second candidate who is getting support as an unconventional politician. Much of this reflects the fact that our society has become increasingly polarized in recent decades.                Continue reading

45 Years Since Humanae Vitae And Why Liberals Cannot Connect Cause and Effect

 Updated by author  June 10 2013-   Recently public health administrator Craig Beintema announced that in the year 2012 Stephenson County, which is located in the Northwest Illinois, had more deaths than births.  Beintema said that we have had a decline in manufacturing jobs and that will create a natural loss in births.  Beintema also noted that the numbers of children per family have gone down.  We find this report interesting and revealing.   This problem isn’t just in our own county, it’s all across America.  Larry Plachno’s excellent article below will cast more light on the declining population of America. Continue reading

Ask the Wrong Questions, You Get the Wrong Answers  by Larry Plachno-   If You Ask the Wrong Questions, You Get the Wrong Answers– People are increasingly asking how we got here? What happened to cause the death through abortion of well over 53 million babies since Roe v. Wade? What happened to cause the movement away from marriage? Why is the number of traditional families declining as well as the middle class? The answer is that we have asked the wrong questions. Continue reading

Going from God to Government 4-1-2013-  by Larry Plachno- Several recent surveys indicate that many if not most Americans are unhappy with the direction our society and country are taking. With the Easter season upon us commemorating the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ, this might be a good time to ask ourselves why our society is headed downhill at breakneck speed? Continue reading

The 45th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae by Larry Plachno- In recent months we have seen an increase in information and reports from researchers, demographers and even the secular media on how our social problems, ideal family size and how we vote are interconnected with marriage, choice and fertility. Some of them are making reference to and quoting Humanae Vitae. Continue reading