The Hypocrisy and Evil of Planned Parenthood

The Hypocrisy and Evil of Planned Parenthood

ProLifeCorner- by Staff writer Chris Munda-

The sheer hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood is absolutely mind boggling!  Over the last several days, four videos have gone public and these videos expose that sinister organization for the depraved, sick and greedy thing it is!  You say you haven’t seen anything about this in the major media?  That’s because very few outlets are bringing it to the public eye.  However, there are articles available on line that will show the depths of depravity to which Planned Parenthood has sunk.  As of this writing, there are at least nine more videos that can be released on PP.  These videos are exposing the sale of baby body parts.  Abortions are heinous in themselves, but to have exposed that PP is selling body parts of the babies aborted for profit is beyond comprehension and against the law.  Remember, PP is the bunch that told all of us the unborn child was just a “product of conception”, a mere blob of tissue.  Yet PP is selling that “blob of tissue” as identifiable body parts; legs, brains, hearts, etc. and they’re making huge profits.  One video has a PP employee discussing how she hopes to sell a lot more parts so she can buy a new Lamborghini!  Ant this discussion was held while she was eating a meal.  How callous can one get?  Only Adolph Hitler and his Nazi regime comes close to PP in wickedness. Continue reading

NAACP = Abortion & Hypocrisy

Rockford, Il – ( – 2-8-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People has become one of Americas leading pro-child killing groups.   This seems strange considering abortion is used by many to promote the elimination of black babies. Continue reading

RR Star Not Qualified To Speak On Catholic Matters

Rockford, Il – ( – 3-15-2013 – by – Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – More Anti-Catholic Sophistry From Pat Cunningham and The Register Star.  The Rockford Register Star spent years covering-up for the most racist and unsanitary abortion mill in America (Northern Illinois Women’s Center-NIWC).  When a rally attended by more than 1000 Christians was held at Holy Family Catholic Church to support religious freedom, the Register Star did not bother to send a reporter. Continue reading