Rockford Sees The Truth About Abortion– Rockford, Il – 8-15-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative ( RPLI )  – On Wednesday August 14, approximately 50 Christians lined the streets of Rockford at three major intersections to pray and hold pictures that show abortion is the killing of a child. Continue reading

40 Years of Roe v. Wade Marks Four Decades of Opposition by Pro-Life’s ‘Godfather’ From Tom Ciesielka- CHICAGO–  Still vigilant in the fight against abortion, Joe Scheidler has been there from the startWikipedia calls Joe Scheidler the “Father of Pro-Life Activism,” and others have dubbed him the “Godfather of the Pro-Life Movement.” As National Director of the Pro-Life Action League, he continues to speak out against the legalized killing of unborn children, even after four decades of tireless work. Continue reading

Pro-Life Christians-Heroes For The Pre-Born  January  2013 Welcome to our Book Corner.  Our thought is to recommend books we have read and enjoyed in the hope you will do the same. There are so many books to chose from it’s hard to pick our first review, but we’ve chosen a book written by a local pro-life advocate, Joe Gulotta.  Continue reading

Shake Off The Nightmare By Frank- I was just sitting here in my office thinking what next, after the crushing defeat of yesterday, when I received a note from Eric Scheidler. Many of us in the pro-life movement are very familiar with the courageous work of the Scheidler family.  Eric sent me a link to a comment posted by his father, Joe; a message meant to motivate and encourage all of us, and it does. I cannot think of any family in America who has suffered so much in the defense of the unborn. This family has always been a source of inspiration to all of us. Thank you Scheidler’s for all of your Christ centered work. May God richly bless all of you. Continue reading