2017 Life Chain This Sunday!

  2017 Life Chain This Sunday!

Freeport, IL – (ProLifeCorner.com) – by Staff –

LC picCome to the Life Chain on October 1 from 12:00 to 1:00 PM this Sunday!  The location is at the corner of Stephenson and West.  

The Aquin High School Pro-life group, PAWS, will sponsor a Life Chain in Freeport, IL.  A dedicated group of Christians gathered at the intersection of Stephenson and West Streets to pray for an end to abortion.

This event is a non-denominational Christ centered effort to bring attention, in our local communities, to the plight of the unborn.  Ask your pastor to encourage everyone to participate in this simple but worthwhile effort to help save babies.



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ProLifeCorner- Rockford/Freeport– This years Life Chain takes on special significance with the revelations of the barbaric industrial scale nature of the killing of children by Planned Parenthood and the trafficking of human body parts by the abortion industry. As Christians we must expose the killing of innocent children to the public. We must also pray and do penance for the killing of so many children by abortion.


Rockford’s Life Chain will take place Sunday Oct 4, from 2-3pm at the corner of Alpine and Highcrest. Easy parking and pro-life signs will be available in the parking lot of Holy Family Church. Continue reading

A Great Man Gives A Great Response

ProLifeCorner.com- 10-15-2013- The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative just published a challenging article confronting what we perceive as some unnecessary confusion taking place in the Church today concerning moral issues.

Rockford is blessed to have a truly faithful, wise, and compassionate man, Dr. Errol Baptist, serving our community as a doctor and devout Catholic.

Below is his positive and insightful response to the article we posted.  It is our hope that men like Dr. Baptist will be listened to and appreciated in our Church today. Continue reading

Freeport life Chain 2012

Freeport IL-  ProLifeCorner.com- By Staff- This past Sunday pro-life Christians all across America and Canada hosted their annual prayer life chain. Citizens stand at a designated location; this location in Freeport has been, for the past 20+ years, at Stephenson and West Street. Each participant offers prayers to the Lord in their own way for an end to abortion and euthanasia. They also hold a small sign with a simple message such as: Continue reading

October Is Respect Life Month

October is Respect Life Month when pro-lifers make an extra effort to spread the pro-life message. In most cases, it is a single event at a parish, a Life Chain, a banquet, conference, baby bottle drive, 40 Days for Life etc. We commend these efforts but what happens once these events are over? In most cases, its dead silence until next year! Continue reading

Three Important Events In The Coming Weeks

(ProLifeCorner.com) – Rockford, Il – Freeport IL.- 9-16-2012 – We have three important events in the coming weeks to defend life and pray for God’s grace in the Nov. elections.

Rockford Life Chain, Sunday October 7, 2:00pm – 3:00pm at Holy Family Church.

Also In Freeport Sunday Oct 7, from 1:30 PM until 3:00 PM on the corners of West Ave. and Stephenson St. This event is being presented by the Aquin High School pro-life group, PAWS  (Pro-Life Advocates Willing to Stand).  The purpose of this event is to offer prayers for an end to abortion and euthanasia.  This is done in a public place to help make the world aware of these horrendous crimes against God and His preborn children and the elderly and infirm. Continue reading