The Purposeful Killing of Human Life

The Purposeful Killing of Human Life

ProLifeCorner – 2-2-2017 – by Chris Munda – Euthanasia goes by other names, for example, mercy killing, assisted suicide, easy death, etc..  You can call it whatever name you like, but it still means only one thing-the purposeful killing of a human life.

We are living in a time when human life has been cheapened so much that animals are treated with more care and respect than human beings.  It has, for quite some time, been seriously discussed how older, terminally ill, or chronically ill patients should die to save resources for the young and strong.  Is this the kind of world in which we want to live?  Should Grandpa be put down like a dog because he has arthritis and can’t get around as fast as he did in the past?  How about getting rid of Grandma because she’s too weak to stand at the stove for hours cooking everyone’s favorite foods?  Or what about a child or young adult with MS?  Do they deserve to die because they have an illness or handicap?

One only has to hear the inspiring life story of Mark Pickup, a great hero in the pro-life movement.  “Assisted Suicide As A Matter of Course”.Mark is but one of many people who suffer from a debilitating disease, but he has shown the world great courage, strength, and has shared many great writings with all of us.  Those who favor euthanasia would suggest he is really not useful to society.  What rubbish!!  Mark has given hope and inspiration to so many people who are handicapped in some way.  He is a role model to all of us. Continue reading

A Bitter-sweet Melody From A Long Time Ago – 10-22-2013 – We’re sure many of you are familiar with one of our favorite contributors, Mark Pickup.  In addition to writing articles that are both touching and thought provoking about life issues, Mark has revealed some of his thoughts about his battle with MS.  None of us ever know what lies ahead for us and how we’ll react to any adversity we may face.  Mark gives us insight on how his faith and family helped him in his struggle with MS. Continue reading

LaRee and Mark Pickup: Life issues speakers  Rockford Il.-   The life experiences of LaRee and Mark Pickup have closely followed major Life issues of our time. As teenage lovers they found themselves confronted with an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. They chose abortion for their baby. LaRee and Mark grieved that decision for decades. Continue reading