March for Life on EWTN Television

March for Life on EWTN Television

We know if the mainstream media covers the March for Life it will be slanted. You can watch the March for Life on   This network is also available on many cable services: You can receive this coverage on regular radio as well as shortwave radio. They even have apps that you can download for your smart phone, or simply go to via your phone and listen to or watch live coverage. Please offer prayers of thanks to our Lord for sending us a pro-life president and vice president. Abortion has been with us throughout the centuries and it will take the Spirit of God to change people’s hearts and their minds. Let’s pray that this will be the year that our tax dollars will no longer go towards the murder of the pre-born child. Continue reading

March For Life 2016 Washington DC and Chicago

March For Life 2016 Washington DC and Chicago

ProLifeCorner-   Freeport/Rockford Illinois-  The Knights of Pro LifeColumbus are organizing a group from Freeport to go with the Diocese of Rockford to the March for Life in Washington DC. All are welcome!

Coming to the March for Life is a great way to find solidarity with 300,000 other people from the US that are also pro-life. Majority of those there are college age and down, though you need not be young to participate. The energy is uplifting to see so many people motivated by love to stand up for life before our elected officials. We will be offering prayers, learning more about life and have an opportunity to see our country’s capitol. Continue reading

March for life 2014  Washington DC- by Annarae Father Barr and several  members of our parishes are on their way to Washington DC to participate in this year’s March for Life. Some of these people are seasoned veterans and have been to several marches in the past. I believe Father said this would be his seventh trip to Washington and we pray that God will bless all who participated in this event with a safe and memorable experience. Father will share some pictures and videos with us when he returns and will also will be interviewed by one of our staff members for the purpose of documenting and sharing their experiences with us here at home. Continue reading

March For Life Chicago 2014  Chicago-  March For Life Chicago: Pro-Life Advocates Gather in Loop Sunday.

Proclaiming Sanctity of Human Life and Marking Roe v. Wade Anniversary 

WHAT: 9th annual March for Life Chicago, including rallies at the start and culmination

WHEN: Sunday, January 19, 2014, from 1 to 3 p.m. Central

WHO: Pro-life groups and individuals from throughout Chicagoland, and Midwest

WHERE: Assembling at Federal Plaza, 50 W Adams, Chicago, MAP: Continue reading

A Major Change in the Abortion Wars Washington, DC- 1-26-2013 – By Frank Munda- This year’s March for life is over and I am encouraged by the presence of so many young people.  Last year the March hosted approximately 400,000 pro-life citizens.  Many of the reports are saying there was a significant increase in the numbers this year.  One report stated that there were 500,000 people at the rally this year.  Think about that; one half million citizens marching, praying, and letting their voices be heard.  Continue reading