Wikipedia Cannot Be Trusted

( –  Rockford, Il – 9-30-2014 – by James – One of the most visited web-sites in the world is a so-called encyclopedia called Wikipedia. Sadly, Wikipedia has been caught again distorting the truth.  The Wikipedia article attacking the documentary film Maafa 21 is so full of misrepresentations and bias writing it calls into question everything else on the Wikipedia web-site as not being factual but based simply on left wing political correctness. Continue reading

Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals    The following article is one of the most sickening and disgusting we’ve ever read.  This only proves the evil and demonic attributes of abortion.  Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger must be so proud-they’ve become just like their hero, Adolph Hitler. Read this and weep-for the babies and for our world.  And pray this atrocity has not and will not come to America. Continue reading

Has Abortion Liberated Women? – 5-6-2013 – by AnnaRae – How does one begin to address a subject as hideous as abortion on demand?  Do we start with the so-called “back alley abortions”?  We all should know by now that the number of women who died from such a process was greatly exaggerated by the abortion rights movement that ushered in Roe v Wade.  Now we have legalized (decriminalized) abortion on demand that we were told would keep women from the horror of the back alley butchers.  Guess what?  Now those very same butchers operate abortion “clinics” across America legally but are still destroying women with their filthy back alley conditions.  Clean?  Safe?  What a joke!  Look at Gosnell and the disgusting house of horrors he operated.  Continue reading

Margaret Sanger Father Of Modern Society – 3-5-2013 – by AnnaRae – When we think of the most evil and harmful people of the 20th century, I’m sure most of us would first think of Hitler or Marx.  An average appearing woman would more than likely not enter our minds.  And yet, Margaret Sanger rates up with Hitler and Marx for pure evil.  The woman who started Planned Parenthood has to claim responsibility for the over 56 million dead babies aborted , just in America alone. Continue reading