Be Not Nice – Be Good Instead!

Be Not Nice – Be Good Instead!

            This weekend is Respect Life Weekend!

ProLifeCorner-   And Western Civilization is dying!  The Constitutional Republic of the United States of America is dying! And Orthodox Christianity is dying!

These things are not simply dying as in natural old age. Just a few decades ago it could have been argued that each of these things were in their prime. But now, just a few short years later all three institutions are, it appears, near possible death. These institutions, Western Civilization, the United States of America and Orthodox Christianity are being murdered. Each of these three has been placed upon a Satanic altar and stabbed repeatedly and all three are now bleeding out quickly and proficiently. There is precious little time remaining to tend to these wounds.

What is the instrument that is being used to murder western civilization, the United States and Orthodox Christianity? I know you’re probably thinking I’m going to say abortion or contraception, right? But the most effective instrument of murder is being “nice.” Yes, that’s right, being nice, or rather, “nice-ness.” The last fifty years has seen the Satanic Marxist/Socialist/progressive/liberal infiltration of every aspect of our lives and now we are seeing the hyper-infiltration of Radical Islam, which is a political system very similar to Marxism in its ends.  You see, Satan is highly flexible, he uses atheistic systems such as Marxism and he uses religious systems such as Radical Islam. He doesn’t care what the means are to our destruction. All that matters to him is that as many souls as possible end up separating from God, which is to say in Hell. Continue reading

Marxism Then And Now  From Our Pastor- 10-28-2012- Poland was great, but it is great to be back. As a priest, I find it hard to be away from parish life. It is what I was ordained for. It will be a while before I go on vacation again. There were many things to see and places to go in Poland. As in all countries in Europe, there is a lot of history there. Continue reading