By  Rev. John H. Hampsch, C.M.F.- The strangest anomaly in the burning issue of abortion is the presence of pro-choice advocates who claim to be bible believers. For these, Jesus’ words to the Sadducees apply: “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures” (Mt. 22:29). Before surgical abortion was technically possible, unborn babies were killed only when the mother was slain also, as recorded in Amos 1: 13; Ammon’s genocidal act God punished by a tumult of nature and deprivation of national leadership. Continue reading

Sanctity of Life Memorial Freeport IL

Freeport IL- Sanctity of Life Memorial is located in a lovely pastoral setting at Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, just south of Freeport, IL on Highway 26. It is situated on the back side of the chapel on the south side of the Gardens. Continue reading