Illinois Bishops “Neutral” On Abortion

Illinois Bishops “Neutral” On Abortion

ProLifeCorner– 8-1-2016 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – In a shocking Raunner 300xdevelopment the Illinois Conference of Catholic Bishops have declared themselves “neutral” on a controversial bill that would force pro-life medical professionals and pregnancy care centers to tell mothers about the “benefits” of abortion and give mothers information on where and how to end the life of her child in an abortion clinic.

Pro-lifers have worked very hard to defeat SB 1564 since it was passed in May but the Illinois Bishops, by taking a “neutral” position, have essentially sided with Planned Parenthood and the Illinois abortion lobby in criminalizing any medical professional or care center worker who refuses to send a mother to an abortion clinic. PDF This Link

SB 1564 also mandates that health care professionals and care centers tell mothers of the “benefits” of abortion. The Bishops statement says about this mandate,  we “Would rather not alter the law in any way.”  The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is trying to figure out what the “benefits” are of the crushing of the skull, stopping the beating heart, and the brutal dismemberment of a little girl or boy in their mothers womb, but the Bishops of Illinois seem to have found something they find beneficial about this.
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