Those Amazing People at the Rockford Pro-life Initiative

Those Amazing People at the Rockford Pro-life Initiative

Office Depot Backs down from Censorship Position

ProLifeCorner –  Rockford IL. –   Frank Munda –    By now most of you are aware of the fact that Office Depot  censored the voice of a pro-life advocate at the Office Depot Schaumburg, IL location. Today it would appear they have backed down in an apparent rethinking of their corporate position.

First, I’d like to thank the people who were responsible for this change in mind. I would like to suggest to corporate management at Office Depot that they reevaluate their managers and ensure that all members of their team are on board with a policy of fair play to all. Continue reading

Nazi’s and Abortion Supporters are out of Step with Reality

Nazi’s and Abortion Supporters are out of Step with Reality – 8-10-2015 by Annarae – PLC staff writer-   We recently received a comment on an article we put on our site over four years ago.  The following comment spurred us to write a response to this statement and update any information on the subject.

“The law will not stop every abortion from happening. Pro-life is undignified to the unborn children who are pulled out with coat hangers or beaten to death in back alley abortions because the most humane way we have to reduce unwanted babies is illegal.”

While it may be true that a law against abortion will not prevent every abortion from occurring, the increase in abortions after Roe v Wade has skyrocketed.  After 42 years of decriminalized abortion, over 57 million unborn babies have died from surgical abortions.  This number does not include the millions of chemical abortions resulting from morning after pills, birth control pills (most of which act as abortifacients) or the infamous RU486.  Continue reading

Mainstream Media Continues Censorship Practices

Mainstream Media Continues Censorship Practices

ProLifeCorner- 8-8-2015 – By Frank Munda-

The mainstream media continues to maintain a stranglehold on the minds of 70% of the American populace. A recent report in the American Thinker by Thomas Lifson stated:  “The liberal mainstream media may have lost their monopoly, but they retain an oligopolistic control over the mindshare of the American public. By choosing to minimize or completely ignore the five videos released so far, of shocking conduct by Planned Parenthood officials, the American public remains overwhelmingly in the dark about the haggling over price in the sale of body parts from fetuses, aka human beings.” This might be shocking news to some of our younger generation who grew up thinking that we have a free and honest press. This is not the case, and I know from personal experience this has not been the case since the early 60s in this country. The media rewrote history as it unfolded regarding the Vietnam War, and have continued to do so right up to this very moment. The only difference is they have become more bold.

The media does three things to promote their anti-life, pro-left agenda. Continue reading

We Must Defend All Life! By Frank Munda-  Defending Life In Lacrosse, Wisconsin And Across The Country.  There is a group of filmmakers who are interested in making a video exposing the crimes of Kermit Gosnell and the media’s reluctance to print all the truth involving this hideous crime against humanity, and the media’s reluctance to fully cover Kermit Gosnell’s trial .

They had this to say about the upcoming video:

“Today we are launching the biggest ever crowd funding campaign to make a TV movie about the serial killer, abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell. “  Dr. Kermit Gosnell is the most prolific serial killer in American History, but almost no one knows who he is.  Continue reading

A Brief History Rockford’s Life and Death Battle

Rockford, Il – ( – 4-13-2014 – by Kevin RilottThis is the untold story of a Holocaust that took place in Rockford and the small group of heroic citizens who withstood threats, intimidation, and the vilest bigotry Rockford has ever experienced to save human lives and end the killing of children in this city.

“There is above all this supreme stamp of the barbarian; the sacrifice of the permanent for the temporary.” G.K. Chesterton Continue reading

What To Do With Auschwitz In Rockford?

Rockford, Il – ( – 2-12-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – We have been told that the city of Rockford, Il. is considering purchasing the former abortion mill, Northern Illinois Women’s Center ( N.I.W.C.) to use as a geo police station. Below are just a few of the many reasons this would be money wasted and would only enrich the coffers of the building owner.  There are other locations that could be utilized for the police station.  The building at 10th and Broadway was in such poor condition when it was closed over two years ago that it would take much taxpayer money to get it up to code and decent standards.  Continue reading

Pro-life hero, Father Lawlor, has passed away

Rockford, Il – ( – 11-27-2013 – Many of you will remember Father Francis Lawlor who fought against abortion and pornography in Rockford a few decades ago.  He died on November 5 at the age of 95, just a few weeks shy of his 96th birthday. Father spent his life serving the people of God and defending innocent children from death.  He courageously defended life on the sidewalks outside of the infamous, now closed and disgraced, Rockford abortion mill. Continue reading

Rockford Needs A Man Of Courage And Integrity

Rockford, Il – ( – 1-14-2013 – By Kevin Rilott – In 2011 a group of pro-lifers brought in a mobile ultrasound motor-home to Rockford to offer help to mothers and children in need outside of one of our nation’s most infamous killing centers.

In an effort to ban this life saving help from our city, Wayne Webster the owner of the now closed abortion mill Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC ), he had one of Rockford’s most effective law firms backing him, he also had the abortion supporting Rockford Register Star printing misleading information and editorializing against the mobile ultrasound, and half of the city council on his side. Continue reading

Remembering NIWC, Closed For One Year-Series

Rockford, Il – ( – 9-22-2012 – by Staff – We are fast approaching the one year commemoration of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC) being shut down permanently.  It’s to the shame of NIWC that the state of Illinois found a litany of violations of many laws, and unsafe, unclean conditions at NIWC.    NIWC had a perpetual disregard for the health and safety of the mothers having an abortion which was well documented, not only on our pages at Pro Life Corner, but also on the pages of the National Catholic Register, Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics, Mark Pickup of Human Life Matters, Pewsitter, Spirit Daily, etc.  Rockford’s abortion mill truly was a house of horror.  NIWC will be remembered as Rockford’s Auschwitz death camp. Continue reading