Experiments Were Being Done on Living Babies Back in 1972

Experiments Were Being Done on Living Babies Back in 1972

ProLifeCorner- 8 – 17 – 2015 –  by Frank Munda-

Every day more and more information is being released about the inhumane and barbaric practices of the abortion industry. As these crimes against humanity are being revealed please bear this in mind. No matter where you are coming from, culturally, politically, religiously, atheist, agnostic or what ever you consider yourself to be, you no longer can claim that you were not aware of what has gone on and is going on behind the walls of the Planned Parenthood killing centers.

The latest information that we are bringing forth is that, back in 1972, they were doing experiments on babies while still alive in their mothers womb. This was one year before Roe versus Wade, so certainly this must have been done by those people with coat hangers in the back alleys that NARAL and Planned Parenthood likes to talk about, right? Sorry- wrong answer,   “The research was funded by the Lalor Foundation in Boston, Massachusetts, the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene, and the Association for Aid of Crippled Children also in New York. The abortions appear to have been done at the Central University Hospital and Borja Womens Hospital in Helsinki, Finland” Continue reading

Abortionism and the Banality of Evil

Abortionism and the Banality of Evil

ProLifeCorner.com – 7-23-2015 – In over thirty years of involvement in the pro-life movement, this article is one of the best we’ve read.  It succinctly states what  pro-lifers have known all along-that abortion has its roots in hell.  The comparison of the tactics of the Nazi regime, the worldwide genocide taking place, and the destruction of families and women in particular is easily pointed out.  Please take time to read and ponder upon this excellent summery of evil. Continue reading

Unpacking the Pope’s PR Debacle

ProLifeCorner-    by Monica Migliorino Miller, Ph.D., Citizens for a Pro-Life Society In an age of confusion, ambiguity serves further confusion and provides the enemies of Christ with a means to further their own agenda.

A Critique of the pope’s America interview:    

When NARAL, namely the National Abortion Rights Action League thanks a pope for anything, you know that something went seriously wrong somewhere. This is just one of the outrageous and incredible responses the secular world and the enemies of life have made in the last five days to certain statements Pope Francis made in his America magazine interview. Continue reading

Cuomo’s Abortion Pals Win Favors

August 21, 2013-  Bill Donohue comments on New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s friends at NARAL Pro-Choice:
There is no organization that Gov. Cuomo loves more than NARAL, the most radical pro-abortion organization in New York State. And there is only one organization in New York State that received an exemption from his new lobbying reporting law for tax exempt groups—NARAL. Continue reading

Anti-Catholic Roots of Roe v. Wade

January 18, 2013- Bill Donohue issued the following remarks today on abortion: As we approach the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, it behooves us to recall the anti-Catholic roots of this infamous decision.
What paved the way for Roe was NARAL. Founded by Lawrence Lader in 1969, he knew he had to take down the greatest defender of the unborn, the Catholic Church. One of his close colleagues was Dr. Bernard Nathanson Continue reading