Using Your God-Given Talents to Witness to Christ

Using Your God-Given Talents and Resources to Witness to Christ

John was sent from God … He was not the light, but came to testify to the light.”

Thousands of French Jews during World War II owe their lives to a dry cleaner’s teenage apprentice.

Adolfo Kaminsky was 18. Barely escaping internment in a French concentration camp, his father had arranged for his family to adopt false identities and go underground. He sent Adolfo to pick up their new papers from a member of the French resistance. When the resistance member learned that Adolfo had worked at a dry cleaner’s, he asked Adolfo if he knew how to “bleach” ink. Adolfo said he did: with lactic acid. Adolfo showed him how to erase the permanent blue ink that marked official documents with the word “Jew.”

And so began the career of one of the greatest forgers in France during the war. Kaminsky forged perfect identity cards, passports, food ration cards, and birth and marriage certificates. Kaminsky went on to form a team of forgers who created a lab right under the nose of the Nazis in a narrow attic in Paris. The neighbors thought they were all painters. Continue reading

The Human Fetus As Garbage: a Necessary Comparison to Nazism

The Human Fetus As Garbage: a Necessary Comparison to Nazism

American Thinker-  By Danusha Goska-  

In July 2015, the Center for Medical Progress began releasing a series of videos. In these videos, Planned Parenthood personnel discuss the abortion procedures necessary to obtain, from aborted fetuses, high-quality kidneys, hearts, skulls, arms, and legs. These fetal body parts are then sold to medical researchers. The videos also show employees dissecting human fetuses in order to harvest organs and body parts. 

The efficacy of fetuses in medical research is debated. Various news sources, depending on their editorial stance toward abortion, depict aborted fetuses as providing promising avenues for research. Other news sources downplay the value of human fetuses for medical research. This dichotomy indicates that aborted fetuses’ value to medical research is not a slam dunk. If aborted fetuses were inarguably necessary for a medical breakthrough that could save millions of lives, Planned Parenthood would have said so by now. Continue reading

Abortionism and the Banality of Evil

Abortionism and the Banality of Evil – 7-23-2015 – In over thirty years of involvement in the pro-life movement, this article is one of the best we’ve read.  It succinctly states what  pro-lifers have known all along-that abortion has its roots in hell.  The comparison of the tactics of the Nazi regime, the worldwide genocide taking place, and the destruction of families and women in particular is easily pointed out.  Please take time to read and ponder upon this excellent summery of evil. Continue reading