National Catholic Reporter Sinks Even Lower

Rockford, Il – ( – 1-30-2013 – by Staff – The National Catholic Reporter, which has been condemned by two Bishops for distorting the Catholic faith and promoting dissent concerning the Churches teaching on sexual morality, is now promoting an event by the author of the perverted Vagina Monologues. Continue reading

The National Catholic Reporter Misleads AGAIN!  By Staff-  1/28/2013-  In a defiant statement issued by the National Catholic Reporter against Bishop Finn’s decision confirming they do not have the right to use the word Catholic in their masthead or identify themselves as an authentic Catholic publication the National Catholic Reporter is again falsifying the facts. Continue reading

National Catholic Reporter And Accountability – 1-28-2013 – by Staff – This newspaper could accurately be referred to as the National Dissenting Reporter (NDR).  The news paper known as the National Catholic Reporter has used the sexual abuse crisis as an excuse to attack Catholic teachings on Papal authority, celibacy, our male Priesthood, and the structure of the Church. Continue reading

Bishop Condemns The Dissenting National Catholic Reporter

Rockford, Il – ( – 1-25-2013 – Bishop Joseph Finn of the Diocese of Kansas City St. Joseph has written a clear and decisive condemnation of the dissenting National Catholic Reporter.   Please read for yourself Bishops Finn’s article concerning the numerous attacks on the Catholic faith that stained the pages of this publication for years: Continue reading

Scandal With National Catholic Reporter Continues. The Scandal With National Catholic Reporter Continues. Many of our readers are familiar with Johnnette Benkovic and her work on EWTN television.  Her program is entitled Women of Grace and she has a blog by the same name. Continue reading