Trump won 98.2% of all of the counties across the U.S.

Editor ProLifeCorner- I am putting this article on as a point of interest. I am not a mathematician and it seems like people on both sides of the fence have plenty of figures to throw out. Read into or out of these figures whatever you want. It is my sincere hope that the reader will come away with a understanding that the electoral college is an very necessary part of our political system. Otherwise large cities would be dictating policy all across our land.

Trump won 98.2% of all of the counties across the U.S.

The founding fathers decided to establish an electoral college because they wanted the states to decide who should be President, and not the cities (where massive voter fraud can more easily take place).

In case your math is bad . . . Trump won 98.2% of all of the counties across the U.S.

Clinton won LESS than 2% of the nation’s counties.  That is almost a rounding error.

Who knew…

I knew this to be true, but in my wildest dreams I had no idea how true. Trump won 3,084 , of  3,141 counties in the USA. That’s absolutely incredible !!! Continue reading

New Yorkers Welcome Defeat of Abortion Bill

“A Remarkable Victory for Unborn Children”

NEW YORK, June 25, 2013  Here is a statement from the New York State Catholic Conference, which represents the Bishops of New York State in public policy matters: The failure of a last-ditch hostile amendment to try to effect passage of the Abortion Expansion Act is a remarkable victory for unborn children, as well as vulnerable women and girls who so often face unrelenting societal and family pressure to abort. The result is, quite literally, the answer to prayer. More accurately, it is the answer to millions of prayers by men, women and children of every faith from every section of the state who believe in the inalienable right to life of the baby in the womb. Continue reading