ProLifeCorner-  Rockford Pro-life Lnitiative- Friends, please watch this video that shows us clearly what we are dealing with in our progressive-godless western culture.

Satan is showing his face and it is up to us to pray and take a public stand in this coming year against the forces of the culture of death, sin, and satan.

The Satanists proceeded to cover the statue with a powdery substance and what appeared to be fake blood. With their hands and the statue covered in blood, they “prayed” an anti-rosary. The whole Satanic sacrilege lasted less than 30 minutes.

Satanists Attack the Virgin Mary on Christmas Eve – Oklahoma City

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ProLifeCorner- Homily on Expectations

“Can you drink the cup that I drink or be baptized with the baptism with which I am baptized…?”

Television host and psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw recalls an important lesson he learned playing football as a kid: he remembers,

“My seventh-grade football team had just been soundly trounced. Our opponent was a bunch of rag-tag kids from an Oklahoma City Salvation Army shelter. Their helmets didn’t match. Some wore jeans. The kid across from me put his num­ber on his shirt in masking tape. But when we snapped the ball, that kid hit me so hard that my left shoulder still hurts when it rains. After the game, my dad told me, ‘Boy, you just got a lesson in the power of desire. The difference between winners and losers is that winners do things that losers just don’t want to do.’

“If I want to do something bad enough, I better be willing to work however hard is required. If not, a boy with a taped-on number just might take it away from you.” Continue reading