Gosnell Not A Rarity

ProLifeCorner.com – 5-16-2013 –Intro by Staff – We received the following comment from a longtime pro-life advocate, Vicki Johnson of the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative.  She was among the many who stood valiantly in front of Rockford’s house of horrors at 10th and Broadway, so she is certainly qualified to give her opinion on the Gosnell horrors.   After her short statement is another article that demonstrates Gosnell was not a rarity in the abortion business; now we have the news of another butcher whose “clinic” is in Texas.  There have also been reports of the same type of depravity in Florida.  Is the crack in the ice finally exposing what we have known all along, that abortion is violent, brutal to mother and deadly to baby, and one of the greatest sins against God and mankind? Continue reading

Rockford, Illinois, Wilmington, Delaware, No Difference

ProLifeCorner.com- 3-16-2013 – By Frank Munda- What do these two great cities have in common?  They both have news services that might reluctantly print the news regarding abortion killing centers, but more often than not, will just not print the news at all.  Many of us are aware of how the media in Rockford had ignored the many attacks upon the pro-life citizens of Rockford over the past 25 years, and yet there would be a seeming eagerness on the part of the media to print the pro-abortion propaganda from the likes of Karen Elyea, Wayne Webster, etc.. Continue reading

Sebelius Linked to Doctor Who Killed Woman

by Steven Ertelt | LifeNews.com |Sebelius Linked to Doctor Who Killed Woman in Botched 33-Week Abortion.  The pro-life organization that has been on the forefront of exposing the details surrounding the botched 33-week abortion that killed a New York woman last week says the abortion practitioner responsible is linked to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Continue reading