Pentecost, The Holy Spirit, and Confession

Pentecost, The Holy Spirit, and Confession

“Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.”

A true story told by writer Auburn Sandstrom at The Moth, the acclaimed organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytell­ing:

In 1992, Auburn was 29, the mother of a three-year-old son, trapped in an abusive marriage — and a drug addict. One night she hit bottom. She was curled up on a filthy carpet in a cluttered apartment, in horrible withdrawal from a drug she had been addicted to for several years. In her hand was a little piece of paper. For hours, she kept folding and crumbling it. It was the phone number for a Christian counsellor her mother had given her in one of their rare moments of contact. Finally, the desper­ate young mother punched the numbers on her phone. It rang. A man answered.

Hi, I got this number from my mother. Uh, do you think you could talk to me?,” pleaded Auburn.

Auburn heard some shuffling at the other end of the line. A little radio in the background was snapped off and the man who answered became very present. “Yes, yes, yes. What’s going on?”

For the first time, Auburn poured out her story. She told him that she wasn’t feeling good, that things had gotten pretty bad in her marriage, that she had a drug problem, and that she was real scared. Continue reading

The Lukewarm Intro By Frank Munda-  Before we present Michael Voris’ latest video on the lukewarm I would like to make a comment.

About 40 years ago when I was a young man, I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to read Holy Scripture in addition to the readings that I would receive at Mass on Sunday.  I’ll paraphrase- when our Lord said, if you deny me in this world I will deny you in the next world,  He also said in regard to the lukewarm I will chew you up and spit you out. Very strong language for our Lord, but He is God and He can say what He wants and how He wants, and we better believe his words.  Some say oh my Jesus wouldn’t do that, very foolish talk.  Our Lord does not lie, He does not deliver half truths.  The reality is that the lukewarm will regret their indifference.  Continue reading