Defund Planned Parenthood, it’s Time to Decide

Defund Planned Parenthood, it’s Time to Decide

ProLifeCorner-  Freeport Il.- By Christopher Clukey   In 1887, the pioneering Clucky 175xreporter Nellie Bly faked insanity so she would be committed and be able to witness the abuse of mental patients—beatings, unsanitary conditions, constant restraint, dirty food and water—in New York City asylums. Bly’s exposé prompted investigations and sweeping reforms.

The series of videos released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) reminds me of Bly’s work. They document negotiations with Planned Parenthood executives and tours of their facilities by investigators posing as employees of a “human biologics” supplier. Some gruesome footage was shot in organ harvesting labs in multiple Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. In them—and in the full, unedited footage available online—Planned Parenthood employees incriminate the organization in everything from violating patient consent to profiting illegally from organ sales, and casually stir through “products of conception” to find salable organs. Continue reading

Questions every Planned Parenthood Supporter Should have to the Answer

Questions every Planned Parenthood Supporter Should have to the Answer
By David Harsanyi
TheFederalist-   Question: Would you be okay with a government-subsidized company performing vivisections on a baby panda? You know, cutting one of those adorable things open, taking parts out of them while their hearts were still beating? What if we could make a few bucks while, maybe, sorta, using those organs for scientific study—even though several other methods are available to researchers? Is that acceptable?

Obviously, I can only guess how people would answer that question. Continue reading

Stay Informed About the Planned Parenthood Expose

Stay Informed About the Planned Parenthood Expose – 8-20-2015 – by Staff – Wow!!! The information concerning Planned Parenthood is coming out faster than we can read and put it on the PLC!  One of the best sources of news is from Lifenews.  Below  you will find only a few of the stories they had on their site today and we recommend reading all of them.  Each day brings more and more shocking and disgusting news about the biggest baby killing organization in the world.  We must arm ourselves with knowledge and do all we can do to end government funding of PP. Continue reading

Abortion and Auschwitz A Review of Abortion and Other Forms of Genocide

Abortion and Auschwitz

A Review of Abortion and Other Forms of Genocide          

ProLifeCorner-  By Larry Plachno

       What prompted our interest in this comparison was a recent claim that abortion was different from the holocaust of World War II and other types of genocide. However, when you actually sit down and do a comparison, it becomes obvious that abortion is not only glaringly similar to the holocaust but also similar to other examples of genocide in history.

       This is an obvious situation of asking the wrong question and getting the wrong answer. The primary question here is not a list of groups that you and I think are inferior or less than human. Unfortunately, almost no one cares what we think. You and I do not get thousands of calls each day from people asking us our opinion of what groups they should consider to be inferior or less than human. Continue reading

7th Video PP Harvesting Brain of Aborted Baby Who Was Still Alive

7th Video PP Harvesting Brain of Aborted Baby Who Was Still Alive

7th Shocking Video Catches Planned Parenthood Harvesting Brain of Aborted Baby Who Was Still Alive. This is the subhuman behavior that Obama, Hillary, Mark Kirk, and the majority of the House are supporting. When we vote for people like this we too will be judged for their crimes against humanity. – 8-20-2015 – by Annarae, Staff Writer – This may well be the most difficult article we have ever had to put on ProLifeCorner. and we have had some articles and videos that sent cold chills down our back.  However, each video that is revealed about the practices of Planned Parenthood gets worse and worse.  How is it possible!  The latest expose is beyond words.  Barbaric doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Please prepare yourself for this video; pray for an end to this evil organization, pray for guidance that you will do everything in your power to bring an end to not only Planned Parenthood, but to all abortions.  If you don’t yet realize it, abortion is destroying our nation and our world one baby at a time.  With over 2 billion, that’s right-billion, abortions done worldwide and with atheism and occult practices on the increase, we are in danger of losing our immortal souls.  Pray, pray, pray, to end abortion and all the other evils flooding our nation and world. Continue reading



ProLifeCorner-    Rockford Illinois- The liberal media has been silent on the revelations that Planned Parenthood is in the child killing and baby body selling business.  The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is giving away free “Defund Planned Parenthood” bumper-stickers.

This is an easy and effective way to help the public know that killing babies and selling their body parts needs to be defunded and ended now.

If you would like a free bumper-sticker please email Kevin at:  and let him know how many you would like.

Experiments Were Being Done on Living Babies Back in 1972

Experiments Were Being Done on Living Babies Back in 1972

ProLifeCorner- 8 – 17 – 2015 –  by Frank Munda-

Every day more and more information is being released about the inhumane and barbaric practices of the abortion industry. As these crimes against humanity are being revealed please bear this in mind. No matter where you are coming from, culturally, politically, religiously, atheist, agnostic or what ever you consider yourself to be, you no longer can claim that you were not aware of what has gone on and is going on behind the walls of the Planned Parenthood killing centers.

The latest information that we are bringing forth is that, back in 1972, they were doing experiments on babies while still alive in their mothers womb. This was one year before Roe versus Wade, so certainly this must have been done by those people with coat hangers in the back alleys that NARAL and Planned Parenthood likes to talk about, right? Sorry- wrong answer,   “The research was funded by the Lalor Foundation in Boston, Massachusetts, the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene, and the Association for Aid of Crippled Children also in New York. The abortions appear to have been done at the Central University Hospital and Borja Womens Hospital in Helsinki, Finland” Continue reading

Will Mark Kirk Change his Position

Will Mark Kirk Change his Position

Now that a 6th video has come forth exposing the corruption of Planned Parenthood, will Mr. Kirk continue to support this corrupt organization with taxpayer money?

ProLifeCorner- Freeport Illinois- By Frank Munda-

My wife and I popped in to the Stewart Center at noon on August 14 to meet with a representative of Mark Kirk’s campaign. Something got mixed up and the information that the ProLifeCorner received was not accurate. Mr. Kirk’s representative was in Freeport on August 13. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to anyone who expected to meet with Mr. Kirk’s rep. today.

Mr. Kirk’s representative is  Nate Plautz.   He placed a call to me just as we were leaving the Stewart Center. He sounded like a very pleasant and conscientious individual. He actually was in his car heading towards Freeport to meet with us and any other individuals who might have shown up today. He sounded very interested in what I had to say regarding life issues. I believe he is going to set up a meeting in Freeport sometime next week to hear what our concerns are in Mr. Kirk’s district. Continue reading

Will Mark Kirk Continue to Support Planned Parenthood?

Will Mark Kirk Continue to Support Planned Parenthood?

Obama and the Congress have increased Federal support for Planned Parenthood from $350 million to $540 Million per year. An increase of approximately 54% on the federal level alone. How much was your pay raise last year?

Freeport, Il – – 8 -13-2015 – Frank Munda-   We have a great opportunity to ask our Senator, Mark Kirk, questions about Planned Parenthood regarding the news that has recently been brought forth concerning this huge corporation.  Most importantly we can ask Senator Kirk: In light of a fifth video exposing the corruption and illegal activities of Planned Parenthood, will he continue to  support Planned Parenthood and their evil practices of selling human body parts?  Continue reading

Two Important Pro-Life Events

“Live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or am absent, I will hear about you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind, working side by side for the faith that comes from the gospel.”   Philippians 1:27

PtoLifeCorner- Rockford, Il – 8 11 2015 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – We have two important events that will help keep the horrors of abortion and Planned Parenthood in the public’s mind. Please consider attending both, we have never had an opportunity like this before to strike a major blow against the demonic abortion industry.  It will involve time, prayer, sacrifice, and hard work on our part to continue to expose the child killing industry in America…….please join your Christian neighbors in this fight for life.


The Pro-Life Action League will be conducting a protest at the Planned Parenthood mega-center in Aurora, Illinois, on August 22 as part of a National Day of Protest against the abortion giant for its horrific practice of harvesting and selling body parts from aborted babies. Continue reading