You Need To Make Calls Today

You Need To Make Calls Today

ProLifeCorner – 6 27 26 – by staff – The following is a critical alert for immediate action!!  Please read the short note and call asking for this bill to be VETOED.  Thank you.


Last week one of the worst pro-abortion bills in Illinois history was sent to Governor Rauner for his signature or veto. He is expected to take action by WEDNESDAY on this bill. It’s SB-1564, the bill that would force pro-life physicians, nurses and even pregnancy centers to make abortion referrals. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are pulling out all the stops to get Gov. Rauner to sign the bill, and my sources tell me that their calls and emails are starting to run even with OURS. That means we have to call AND email Gov. Rauner again RIGHT NOW and tell him to VETO SB-1564! First, here are the numbers to call — please call BOTH:      CHICAGO OFFICE: 312-814-2121     SPRINGFIELD OFFICE: 217-782-0244 Continue reading

Religious Freedom / Pro-Life Rally Rockford Illinois

Religious Freedom / Pro-Life Rally Rockford Illinois

ProLifeCorner-  Rockford Il.-

On Monday June 13th, Christians from Winnebago County came together to pray outside of the Winnebago County Health Department that fired Pediatric Nurse Sandra Mendoza because of her refusal to refer mothers to abortion clinics.  This is another attack on religious freedom and human life by government officials who believe they are above the moral law.

This rally had four goals:

  1. It was a sign of faith, love, and trust by Christians in Jesus Christ.
  1. A show of support for Sandra Mendoza.
  1. It was an appeal through prayer and public witness to the Winnebago County Health Department to stop the immoral and deadly practice of sending mothers and children to abortion mills. 
  1. A prayerful and public stand for religious freedom and against anti-Christian bigotry.

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Gold Covered Sepulchers Filled With Dead Babies Bones

Dome 300xGold Covered Sepulchers Filled With Dead Babies Bones

ProLifeCorner – 3-12-2016 – by Editor – For years we have seen the scandalous stories of American Catholic Universities promoting and honoring our political and cultural elites who are responsible for the mass murder of children by abortion.

This year two of the most prominent Catholic universities in America have both taken the promotion of the culture of death to new lows.

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A New Challenge to Roe v. Wade

A New Challenge to Roe v. Wade

 ProLifeCorner-   By Larry Plachno

Many people braved the snow in Washington, D.C. in January to march for life. They Larry-150x1 bluewere there to show their unhappiness with the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision of January 22, 1973 that made abortion the law of the land. There were other major marches elsewhere including Chicago and San Francisco timed to coincide with this 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Due to the bias of our mainstream media in ignoring pro-life news, most of the marchers were probably not aware that there has been a new challenge to Roe v. Wade.

This new development comes from a rather unexpected quarter. Involved is a joint resolution recently passed by the South Dakota state House of Representatives with a 60-10 vote and passed by the state Senate with a 25-9 vote. It was signed by the leaders of both chambers. Just prior to this Roe v. Wade anniversary, some of the South Dakota lawmakers presented this state resolution to the United States Supreme Court. In doing so they asked the high court to reconsider and overturn its abortion rulings including Roe v. Wade. Continue reading

This Should Have Happened at 10th and Broadway Rockford

This Should Have Happened at 10th and Broadway Rockford

ProLifeCorner – Rockford Illinois- 1-12-2016 – by Editor – This picture is worth a thousand words and is what should happen to every abortion mill that is still standing. The powers to be in Rockford Illinois relieved Wayne Birmingham250xWebster of a large liability by buying the Northern Illinois Women’s Center. The slaughterhouse at 10th and Broadway has now become a liability to the taxpaying citizens of Rockford. It is the law abiding, tax paying citizens of Rockford who will be forced to bring this now closed clinic up to code; code that N.I.W.C. should have been held responsible for over 30 years ago.

Tearing down the killing center is a most appropriate way to acknowledge the infamous Roe v Wade decision that allowed these killing centers to open in the first place.  Each building annihilated will save the lives of countless unborn babies.  Let us pray in 2016 that more of these murderous places will close during the year.  Continue reading

Vote For Life

Vote For Life

It Does Make A Difference Who You Vote For.

1-9-2016 – The Pro-Life Corner and The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative do not endorse  vote 2 300Xpolitical candidates.  However, we wanted to share with you a few things the Republican presidential candidates have said so you can make an informed decision concerning the lives of millions of unborn children.

DONALD TRUMP – suggested he would not support ending taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood’s vote 1 300Xnon-abortion services in two interviews. “We have to help women,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in an interview. “So we have to look at the positives, also, for Planned Parenthood.” Trump said he opposes federal grants going toward Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices, but noted that abortions make up a “small part” of the organization.

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Holy Family Respect Life Banquet Jan 29 2016

Holy Family Respect Life Banquet Jan 29 2016

ProLifeCorner – 1-8-2016 – by Staff –

Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-life Action League will be the keynote speaker.

This is the second event occurring in our area.  The guest speaker will be Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League.  He is a wonderful speaker and so very active in the pro-life movement.  We can all learn a lot from his talk and experiences in trying to end abortion and euthanasia in our country.  Please plan to attend this event.  Details are found below.

Holy Family Respect Life Banquet

The Annual Holy Family Respect Life Banquet will be held on January 29, 2016 at Holy Family Church (4401 Highcrest, Rockford, 61107). Our keynote speaker is Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League. He will speak on, “Bringing the Pro-Life Message to the Public Square.” The social hour is 6:00 PM & dinner at 7:00. Cost is $25/adult & $20/student. Continue reading

The Fallacies of Reasons for Abortion

The Fallacies of Reasons for Abortion

ProLifeCorner – Editor:   We want to start off the New Year with another inspiring and Larry-150x1 blueeducational article by one of the Pro Life Corner’s favorite authors, Larry Plachno.  Larry has once again shown the pro-death crowd for the evil and disgusting group they are.

The Fallacies of Reasons for Abortion

By Larry Plachno

If you take the time to study the arguments in favor of abortion you will find that none of them can be applied to decisions and actions regarding either individuals or groups. They all have some type of fallacy be it faulty reasoning, a mistaken belief or a failure in logic.

Murder has been with us since the start of human history, as indicated by the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis. As our society gets older we would expect it to become more mature, more knowledgeable and more humane. It appears that the exact opposite is true. As predicted by the Blessed Virgin at Fatima, things have only gotten worse. The 20th century may well be remembered as the bloodiest in human history. While figures vary, sources indicate that the Soviets, the Communist Chinese and the Nazis together killed more than 116 million people during this past century and this figure does not include other, lesser, atrocities by other governments. Continue reading

Prayer Vigil in Rockford this Sunday

Prayer Vigil in Rockford this Sunday Postponed


Our pro-life prayer vigil planned for this Sunday Jan 3, has been postponed. 

Updated: Jan 2 2016  9.44 AM  CST only get this out … June :

Dan, who leads these prayer vigils and has all of our signs has an illness that will not allow him to be outside.  We are hoping he will be better in a few weeks so we can reschedule.

Sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to praying with you in the near future.

Please pray for Dan. May our Lord grant him a swift recovery from this illness.

May we suggest that you offer prayers this Sunday from 2 to 3 PM for the intentions of this prayer vigil.


ProLifeCorner-  RockfordLifeAdvocates- Take a prayerful stand this Sunday!  Please join us this Sunday Jan 3, 2-3pm, at the Corner of State and Alpine for an hour of prayer to our Savior Jesus Christ and as a public witness against Panned Parenthood, abortion, and the culture of death.

In 2015 we saw the hellish evils of Planned Parenthood made public in a series of undercover video that showed beyond any doubt abortion is the murder of an innocent child.

In 2015 we also saw the political leaders of both political parties come together to give Planned Parenthood another over 500 million dollars to murder children. We also saw many religious leaders ignore or refuse to use their authority to protect unborn children.

In 2015 we have seen many good people take a stand for life.  From Pregnancy Care Centers serving mothers in need to pro-lifers around the world standing in public at abortion mills praying and offering love and help to any person in need of a friend.  We have also seen some politicians and clergy defend life.

In 2016 no matter the evil or good of the past year we must continue in our city as a public witness for Jesus Christ and to pray and stand in public for human life, for the souls of our neighbors, and against mass murder of babies by abortion.  If you are able please join us this Sunday Jan 3, 2-3pm, at the Corner of State and Alpine.

730x PP lies

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Planned Parenthood Dumps Babies in Landfill

Planned Parenthood Dumps Babies in Landfill – 11-18-2015 – by Annarae –

Planned Parenthood continues its reign of terror and its crimes against humanity, and now against the environment.

The crimes of  Planned Parenthood have now surpassed Adolf Hitler and his murderous regime.

What is worse ? Those who commit these crimes, or those who continue to support this murderous Corporation?

I say even worse than what Planned Parenthood is doing are the politicians, major corporations i.e. Starbucks etc. and our friends and neighbors who continue to militantly defend and support this corporate slaughterhouse. Continue reading