An End to the Violence!

By Mitch Striedl-  Friday December 14th will be a day that lives in the mind of our nation for some time, for that day saw a tragedy that shook our collective soul. The events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School on that day were jarring, surprising, and truly saddening. Most throughout the nation grieved for the loss of innocent life and for the families directly affected by this unspeakable violence. While violent events such as what happened at Sandy Hook have become all too common, there was something about this tragedy that elicited even stronger emotions throughout the country. What was it about this particular tragedy? Continue reading

Victory Only Comes Through the Cross

By Tom Hoopes, for  It is providential that this Election Year is the Year of Faith.  An election like this one can cause a great deal of discouragement. The results were practically a worse-case scenario for the most fundamental building blocks of society: The right to life, religious liberty and the family.  But don’t forget that Jesus Christ has only one modus operandi: The cross. Continue reading