Anti-life Terrorism Continues

Anti-life Terrorism Continues

ProLifeCorner – 11-1-15 – by Annarae – The attacks against pro-life citizens is nothing new nor are the vicious attacks against the Catholic Church.  But these attacks seem to be getting more frequent and more violent.  When will our law enforcement officials step up to the plate and start arresting and punishing this kind of attack?  We are supposedly guaranteed freedom of speech but it only seems to be allowed if you’re pro-abortion (pro-death).

‘Happy abortions’: Vandal attacks Catholic church with anti-life graffiti

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I’m Pro-life But…

Is this you? “I’m pro-life. I would never have an abortion. But I’m not an activist.” Well, I’m glad   you’re   against child-killing. But it’s not enough to say you are against abortion. You must live what you believe. You may not be a hold-a-sign-and-engage-in-public-debate activist, but every Christian should take a stand against abortion. Call it activism, education or ministry, but when genocide is occurring in our nation, we must do more than identify with the opponents of it. When we are persecuted for our stance on abortion or for righteousness sake, it can be discouraging. Who doesn’t want to be liked and accepted? But we must not fear rocking the boat when our fellow human beings are drowning in the devil’s deceptive lies. There are millions of people who are broken and hurting, starving for the truth. They try to fill a void by giving themselves away sexually. When the consequences of their actions hit them, and a baby is created, they try desperately to find a way out. They end up covering up one sin with another by killing their child. The darkness around them gets thicker and harder to overcome, the longer and deeper they dive into perpetual sin. Continue reading