What Could Possibly Make The Angels Cry?

What Could Possibly Make The Angels Cry?

ProLifeCorner – Nashville, Tennessee- Frank J. Munda- It’s been over 30 years that we at the ProLifeCorner have been fighting the culture of death. One thing I’ve learned is that there is no right way or wrong way to approach this horrific and scandalous stain on the fabric of a once great nation. Of course I am referring to the decriminalization of abortion. How do we fight this heinous crime against mankind? If I had 10 pro-life advocates with me now I might have 10 different answers. That explains why we have so many wonderful pro-life groups with slightly different approaches. If each one of us would surrender our hearts and our minds to our Lord He will lead us.

I received a wonderful note from a gentleman by the name of Jeremy Robin. He was inspired to write and produce a video entitled “What could possibly make the angles cry?” This video, in my opinion, is very well done and speaks to the heart. The music, imagery, and editing is of the highest caliber.

It is a privilege for me to share with you Jeremy’s note below and his video. May our Lord richly bless and inspire Jeremy in all of his musical endeavors especially in how it pertains to promoting the culture of life. Continue reading

The 2017 Pro-Life Corner



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he 2017 Pro-Life Corner

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Without Life Nothing Else Matters

Presented below is our Pro Life Corner for 2017.  We have suffered through 44 years of decriminalized abortion in the United States that has resulted in the deaths of over 60,000,000 unborn babies.  One of these beautiful babies might have been sent from God to provide a cure for cancer or some other hideous disease.  Yet that child was slaughtered on the altar of selfishness, pride, or some other sad reason.  Let us pray this year that abortion will be eradicated in our nation and throughout the world so that once again we may start to live in peace and love for our fellow humankind. 

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