2015 Church Bulletin Inserts


Merry Christmas from all of us.

It is an historical fact that when the Son of God came into the world  it was such a definitive event that He slit time in two, BC and AD.  No other person in all the history of mankind has ever had such an impact upon the world.  Much of the laws of decent nations are based on the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Christ.  Whenever men find any decency in the past 2000 years, one will find Judeo-Christian teachings at the core.   The world is now systematically destroying and moving from the light of Christ’s teachings.  When Mary said “yes’ and accepted God’s plan, the world was transformed.  May we suggest that all of us who profess faith in Christ renew our commitment to the teachings of Jesus this Christmas and all of the coming year.  May we bring the Light of Christ into this darkened world.  May the love of Christ and the power of His Holy Spirit descend upon you and all your family.

The Staff of the Pro Life Corner

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