Parents Move Over Big Brother is Here

Parents Move Over Big Brother is Here – 9-23-2015 – by Annarae-    Is it any wonder our country is headed on the fast track to destruction when 10 and 11 year old girls are being given birth control devices?  And without their parents’ permission on top of it!  Who will pay the medical bills when the child becomes ill from the birth control?  Her parents!  And who will pay for the physical and mental complications of an abortion if the birth control fails, which is common?  Again, her parents!  Who will be responsible for the psychological problems that undoubtedly will result when a very young girl is having sex with older men who will take complete advantage of her youth and naiveté?  Of course the bills and the resulting pain of seeing their daughter destroyed before their eyes will fall once again on the unsuspecting parents.  The people responsible for this travesty of common sense is the school system and our government, through Medicaid.  This means we taxpayers, against our will and better judgment, end up paying for this horror. Continue reading