ProLifeCorner – 1-21-2017 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – This morning’s protest walk in Rockford, by women opposing President Donald Trump, reeks of hypocrisy.

The walk, in sync with the walk in DC, should be named the “Pro-Abortion Progressive Women’s Walk.”

A partner organization, New Wave Feminists, was barred from joining the walk because the latter group is pro-life, though left-leaning.

Now we learn that a group, “And then there were none,” “a ministry that helps abortion clinic workers leave the industry, has seen its partnership in the March rejected.” (The Blaze)

So, call it what it is, ladies:  A Pro-Abortion walk. Continue reading



ProLifeCorner – 1-15- 2017 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – This January is the five year anniversary of the closing of the Rockford abortion mill – and abortion supporters will be marching in Rockford.

On Saturday, January 21st, a so-called ‘Women’s March Rockford’ will take place in our city with one of its major goals being the promotion of abortion.  This march in Rockford is a coordinated event with similar marches taking place in many cities across the country.  They will be pushing a leftist political agenda, promoting abortion, and trying to protect Planned Parenthood from budget cuts. Some of the sponsoring pro-abortion organizations for these marches include: Continue reading

The Greatest Battle Begins

ms-book-300xThe Greatest Battle Begins

ProLifeCorner – 11-13-2016 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – We now have a pro-life President and Congress who have promised to defund Planned Parenthood.   All the forces of sin, Satan, and death will oppose them.  This will be the most hard fought spiritual battle since abortion was decriminalized in this country resulting in 60 million dead children.

Planned Parenthood has Satan’s fingerprints all over it.  Planned Parenthood is responsible for: Continue reading

Clinton Campaign Office Rockford


10-4-2016 – Hilary Clinton has promised to overturn the Hyde amendment that has saved millions of children’s lives,  Hilary Clinton has promised to fund Planned Parenthood that has killed millions of babies in the womb.  Hilary Clinton has said your religions have to be changed to support abortion and homosexuality………….. this is a total attack against our freedom of religion. Barak Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton have demonstrated their contempt towards the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. It’s up to you now to stand in public for Jesus and children facing death by abortion.

Please join us on Friday October 7th, from 11:00am-12:30pm in front of in the UAW hall in Rockford at 112 N. 2nd Street, the next building north of City Hall. Continue reading

Vote For Life

Vote For Life

It Does Make A Difference Who You Vote For.

1-9-2016 – The Pro-Life Corner and The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative do not endorse  vote 2 300Xpolitical candidates.  However, we wanted to share with you a few things the Republican presidential candidates have said so you can make an informed decision concerning the lives of millions of unborn children.

DONALD TRUMP – suggested he would not support ending taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood’s vote 1 300Xnon-abortion services in two interviews. “We have to help women,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in an interview. “So we have to look at the positives, also, for Planned Parenthood.” Trump said he opposes federal grants going toward Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices, but noted that abortions make up a “small part” of the organization.

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Holy Family Respect Life Banquet Jan 29 2016

Holy Family Respect Life Banquet Jan 29 2016

ProLifeCorner – 1-8-2016 – by Staff –

Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-life Action League will be the keynote speaker.

This is the second event occurring in our area.  The guest speaker will be Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League.  He is a wonderful speaker and so very active in the pro-life movement.  We can all learn a lot from his talk and experiences in trying to end abortion and euthanasia in our country.  Please plan to attend this event.  Details are found below.

Holy Family Respect Life Banquet

The Annual Holy Family Respect Life Banquet will be held on January 29, 2016 at Holy Family Church (4401 Highcrest, Rockford, 61107). Our keynote speaker is Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League. He will speak on, “Bringing the Pro-Life Message to the Public Square.” The social hour is 6:00 PM & dinner at 7:00. Cost is $25/adult & $20/student. Continue reading

Prayer Vigil in Rockford this Sunday

Prayer Vigil in Rockford this Sunday Postponed


Our pro-life prayer vigil planned for this Sunday Jan 3, has been postponed. 

Updated: Jan 2 2016  9.44 AM  CST only get this out … June :

Dan, who leads these prayer vigils and has all of our signs has an illness that will not allow him to be outside.  We are hoping he will be better in a few weeks so we can reschedule.

Sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to praying with you in the near future.

Please pray for Dan. May our Lord grant him a swift recovery from this illness.

May we suggest that you offer prayers this Sunday from 2 to 3 PM for the intentions of this prayer vigil.


ProLifeCorner-  RockfordLifeAdvocates- Take a prayerful stand this Sunday!  Please join us this Sunday Jan 3, 2-3pm, at the Corner of State and Alpine for an hour of prayer to our Savior Jesus Christ and as a public witness against Panned Parenthood, abortion, and the culture of death.

In 2015 we saw the hellish evils of Planned Parenthood made public in a series of undercover video that showed beyond any doubt abortion is the murder of an innocent child.

In 2015 we also saw the political leaders of both political parties come together to give Planned Parenthood another over 500 million dollars to murder children. We also saw many religious leaders ignore or refuse to use their authority to protect unborn children.

In 2015 we have seen many good people take a stand for life.  From Pregnancy Care Centers serving mothers in need to pro-lifers around the world standing in public at abortion mills praying and offering love and help to any person in need of a friend.  We have also seen some politicians and clergy defend life.

In 2016 no matter the evil or good of the past year we must continue in our city as a public witness for Jesus Christ and to pray and stand in public for human life, for the souls of our neighbors, and against mass murder of babies by abortion.  If you are able please join us this Sunday Jan 3, 2-3pm, at the Corner of State and Alpine.

730x PP lies

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We Lost A Friend- Barney Baxter, Rest In Peace

We Lost A Friend- Barney Baxter, Rest In Peace

UPDATED: 12 19 2015 – 6:30 PM

UPDATED: 12 19 2015 – 2:30 PM

ProLifeCorner-  Rockford Illinois- Rockford Pro-life Initiative-   At Barney 300xRockford’s abortion clinic whenever Barney Baxter arrived we knew it was time to pray.  Barney was a man of unshakable faith in the power of prayer and his love for anyone facing suffering was an inspiration to everyone who knew him.

Barney passed away on December 16th. He will be tremendously missed by his loving family and friends.

Even in his later years, as he faced health issues, Barney would continue to stand in public to pray and witness for an end to abortion.  Words cannot describe how he would encourage and build up other Christians in our common mission to share the love of Jesus with those in need.

Barney was a faithful Christian and family man who served his country and Church. He is also a dear friend and obedient servant to Christ and courageous defender of unborn children.  Barney will be greatly missed…….”well done good and faithful servant.” Continue reading

An Open Letter To Cardinal Donald Wurel

ProLifeCorner – 12-16-2015 – by Editor –  UPDATED 12 17 2015 –  We recently received a request to publish an open letter from the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative to Cardinal Wurel.  Following is the letter that was sent with a link to further information concerning this incident. Continue reading



Rockford, Il – 11-1-15 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Many of you know and love our friend Sister Rosalia Bauer, F.S.P.A.  Sister spent countless years praying outside our now closed Rockford abortion mill. She always had words of encouragement and trust in our Lord to share with us.

Four years after the closing of the Rockford abortion mill Sister Rosalia is still defending the poor, mothers in need, children, and all those in danger from the culture of death in Wisconsin.  Continue reading