Abortion, Marriage and Cities

ProLifeCorner.com-  by Larry Plachno –  8-31-2013-  Was Jesus Christ Right All Along?  If you are the typical reader, you are asking yourself “what do Abortion, Marriage and Cities” have in common? The answer is more than you think since demographers and researchers are showing us how so many of our actions and decisions are interconnected. Continue reading

Abortion and Our Polarized Society

ProLifeCorner.com-  By Larry Plachno-  Is Abortion and Pro-Choice Built on a House of Cards?  Have we become two polarized factions living and fighting each other in the same country? Demographers and researchers are telling us that the United States has grown into two separate groups with essentially opposite philosophies on good and evil. Continue reading

The Catholic Catch 22

ProLifeCorner.com-  By  Larry Plachno- Where should Catholics stand in a society polarized by marriage, family, children, fertility and moral relativism?

Those people researching interconnected social problems knew for years that our society was increasingly becoming polarized over marriage, family, children, fertility, and moral relativism. Now the demographers have come up with even more statistics causing even more concern. Demographer Ron Lesthaeghe showed that the results of our recent presidential election were largely based on state fertility rates. Continue reading