The Resurrection of the Body vs Transexualism

The Resurrection of the Body vs Transexualism

“That the dead will rise, even Moses made (that) known in the passage about the bush, …”

Since he was a boy, the painter Henri Matisse would visit the great Pierre-Auguste Renoir every week, taking in everything he could from the great master. When Renoir contracted arthritis, Matisse began to come every day to bring food, brushes and paint, and anything else Renoir needed

One day, Matisse watched as Renoir groaned in pain while making a simple but exact brush stroke. Finally, the young would-be artist could no longer stand watching his mentor suffer.

“Master,” Matisse asked, “your work is already vast and important. Why keep torturing yourself like this?”

“Very simple,” Renoir answered. “The pain passes; but the beauty remains.” Continue reading

The Resurrection of the Body 11/12/2013- This homily, from Nov 10th, on the surface, may not appear to be pro-life but there are theological underpinnings on the teachings of the “Resurrection of the Body” that have pro-life ramifications. The movement towards the theological and philosophical arguments which state that the body and soul do not have a natural union, lead to the practical effect of gender change (aka trans-sexuality and cross-dressing, etc.).    The argument is the old Docetist heresy that Jesus was a spirit and had no body, and therefore the body is evil (and not a temple of the Holy Spirit)!  The Manicheans as well as the Albigensians had ties to this school of flawed thought!  The arguments against the natural union of body and soul is heretical.  Continue reading