“The Five Laws Of Liberty” A Great Book

ProLifeCorner – Virginia Beach, VA- 10-18-2013 – By Frank Munda- The Five Laws Of Liberty was the topic of discussion on a  interview of the author, Scott Hyland, on CBN(Christian Broadcasting Network). It is rare to be able to recommend a book to all Christians, no matter what their denomination. I will even take it a step further: If you are an American patriot and don’t even consider yourself a Christian, this book is for you as well. Continue reading

Can Christians criticize the Commander-in-Chief?

ProLifeCorner.com – 4-26-2013 – Some of our longtime readers are familiar with Scott Hyland.  He is the author of “The Five Laws of Liberty” and is campus pastor of Liberty Christian Academy.  He is also writing articles for “Christian Post”, one of the largest Christian newspapers in the world.  We are honored to present some of his articles on the Pro Life Corner.  Be sure to follow the link to read all of his article and we encourage you, if you are a facebook user, to click “like” the article. Continue reading