The Kingdom of God Versus the Kingdom of Man

The Kingdom of God Versus the Kingdom of Man

ProLifeCorner- Frank Munda-

If we refuse to be ruled by God and his laws, then God will allow us to be ruled by tyrants.

It is very difficult not to think about the evil in the world today. My wife Chris and I have spent the better part of the last 30 years talking about the evils of abortion. 9/11 bought a new form of terrorism into all of our lives. Often when I write of abortion, promiscuity, apathy, and the selfishness of the world I sometimes feel like the little brother who is pointing a finger at a sibling and crying out what he or she is doing wrong. I’ve even been told that I’m good at pointing out the problem, followed by “how about giving us some solutions.”  In this article, once again, I will not be able to offer any solutions, but thanks to a recent homily by Pastor Timothy Barr we might have a better sense of direction. Continue reading

Blessed Are Those Who Have Not Seen And Have Believed

 Blessed Are Those Who Have Not Seen And Have Believed

 ProLifeCorner-  By Larry Plachno-

As most people know, this quotation comes from the 20th chapter of St. John’s gospel. When Jesus Christ first appeared to the apostles after His resurrection, doubting Thomas the apostle was not there. Thomas said he would need to see Christ in order to believe. Later, Thomas did see Christ and believed as Christ uttered these famous words.

Belief is increasingly important in our day and age of digital communication. People expect to see everything right in front of their eyes. If not, then they put themselves first and ignore the love of God and love of neighbor admonishments of Jesus Christ. But God is there if you look for Him. Give me a few minutes of your time and I will show you where. Continue reading

Rigidity of Self

ProLifeCorner- Nov 14 2014-  Me, myself, and I is a way of selfishness, greed, laziness, revenge, etc.. that leads one to Hell.  The “I know better than God” mentality is an attitude embraced by many young people from the ages of 18 to 35 who do not believe the Bible is truly the Word of God. Continue reading

Germs, Pollution, Smoking and Selfishness  2/4/2014-  By Larry Plachno-  It is human nature to assume that we live in an enlightened age where all knowledge is now available and there is nothing new to learn. Nothing could be further from the truth. Reality is that statistics and reports are teaching us new things all the time about how our society functions and how one thing impacts another. It was less than 200 years ago that we learned about how germs spread disease. Today we are learning how selfishness spreads through our society. Continue reading

Moving Beyond Abortion

Moving Beyond Abortion, or Not Moving Beyond Abortion, That is the Question 9 25 2013-  by Larry Plachno- I was fascinated by the recent heated discussion about moving beyond abortion to other areas of concern. At least some of this was fostered by a posting on the Pro-Life Corner as well as the recent reorganization of the Pro-Life office at the Diocese of Rockford. At the risk of sticking my neck out about a million miles, let me provide my 20-plus years of research experience to anyone willing to take a few minutes to listen to me. Continue reading

Why is Good and Evil so Black and White?  by Larry Plachno –   Those of us who work in the Pro-Life area, or in similar areas where morals come into play, are frequently chastised for being so inflexible. Why is everything so black and white? Why don’t you allow for a little “wiggle room” and some shades of gray? Continue reading

Catholic School Students Respond To CNN Atheist

Rockford, Il – ( – 1-19-2013 – by Kevin Rilott – A woman in Texas has written a widely read article for the CNN web site that tries to convince people to raise their children without God. (See link)  As a teacher at St. Bernadette Catholic School who has worked with young people for over a decade, I read this article with interest.  My first reaction was sorrow for the author and her children who are living a life without the love, truth, and goodness of God. Continue reading

Who Should We Blame? 1-13-2013  by Larry Plachno-  Who is at fault for our deteriorating society? In spite of record low fertility rates we continue to abort our next generation. The number of families is declining and many of us continue to look at pregnancy, babies and children as evil and something to be eliminated. Continue reading

Is the Human Race Becoming an Endangered Species? by Larry Plachno January 22, 2013 marks 40 years since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. The sheer evil of this holocaust that has taken the lives of millions of innocent unborn babies is mind-boggling. However, there is some good news this year in that the mainstream media is actually starting to look at the negative consequences of America’s selfishness in regard to pregnancy, babies and children. Continue reading