Marriage, Annulments and Guidance

Marriage, Annulments and Guidance

By Larry Plachno

Larry-150x1 blue       Anyone watching what is going on in the Vatican is well aware that there have been some discussions recently over marriage and annulments. For the most part, both sides base their positions on the importance of marriage to our society, the sanctity of marriage in Christianity and the positive impact of marriage on children. Some of this is spilling over into other areas of Christianity and is increasingly becoming more public.

Some people will suggest that the starting point was “Amoris Laetitia,” Latin for “The Joy of Love,” from Pope Francis in early 2016. It was described as a Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation and was directed to both the clergy and the laity. While numerous items were covered, it mentioned simplifying the annulment process, bringing divorced and remarried Catholics back into the church and helping families. There was even some later comments of allowing bishops to handle annulments in a simple manner. Several members of the clergy and laity expressed concern over maintaining the sanctity of marriage.

Unfortunately, the situation can be complicated by people trying to drag in political correctness. I can try to explain what is going on but will step lightly through those areas where some people say that God and statistics are sexist. I will try my best not to take sides but to explain how modern reports and statistics are stressing the importance of marriage on both society and children. Continue reading

Abortion, Politics and the Slippery Slope

Abortion, Politics and the Slippery Slope

ProLifeCorner-     By Larry Plachno

Larry-150x1 blueMany people may ask whether there is an obvious connection between abortion, politics and the slippery slope. The demographers and researchers will tell you that there is a very obvious connection. Moreover, this connection explains why our society is falling apart.

Our Polarized Society

Those who have been keeping up with research, or even just reading the news, are aware that our society has become increasingly polarized. A poll by a well-known company in late April of 2016 showed that only 26 percent of Americans feel that the United States is heading in the right direction. An earlier poll of likely voters in February of 2016 disclosed that 81 percent of the respondents felt that the Federal Government is corrupt.

Another poll in April of 2016 showed that nearly 30 percent of Americans felt that the political parties were out of step with the voters. This is increasingly obvious as the presidential election campaign unfolds. On the conservative side, the two candidates with the most support were both mavericks who did not follow traditional politics. Even the liberals have a second candidate who is getting support as an unconventional politician. Much of this reflects the fact that our society has become increasingly polarized in recent decades.                Continue reading

How to Eliminate Abortion at its Cause

How to Eliminate Abortion at its Cause

ProLifeCorner-    By Larry Plachno

In common with many people, I am deeply disturbed and concerned over the taking of Larry-150x1 blueinnocent human lives in abortion. Some of the cruel and painful abortion procedures make this situation inhuman. However, the number of people working against abortion and for life is very positive. But, on the negative side I am concerned that much of this effort is wasted. Many if not most of these pro-life people have not taken the time to look at the primary cause of abortion and work in that area.

When you approach a doctor with an ailment, he or she will do an examination and possibly schedule tests to determine the cause of the problem. This is called a diagnosis and guides the doctor in taking the proper steps to eliminate the problem. Likewise, when you have a problem with your car and take it to the dealer or repair shop, they run tests and diagnostics to find the cause of the problem. Once the cause is known, they can take action to fix the problem. Why do pro-life people not take the time to look for the cause of abortion and then work on that cause to eliminate abortion?

The Cause of Abortion Continue reading

How Did We Get Into This Mess?

How Did We Get Into This Mess?

ProLifeCorner-   By Larry Plachno-

Rarely does a day go by without someone asking: How did we get into this Larry-150x1[1]mess? We are facing all kinds of social problems including poverty, homelessness, crime and broken homes. Some nationalities are starting to disappear off the face of the earth because of substantially dwindling fertility rates while people are increasingly unable to work together because they no longer have common goals.

Would it surprise you to know that researchers and demographers predicted all of these things decades ago? The problem is that we failed to listen to them because we did not want to talk about good and evil, we did not want to talk about doing what is best for society, we did not want to talk about putting others first, and we certainly did not want to talk about Jesus Christ. Our failure to think about and consider the effects and the consequences of our decisions and actions is what got us into this mess. Continue reading

Important Question for Christians

What is the Most Important Question for Christians, Catholics and Society?  by Important Question for Christians

        Most of the people who will read this are Christians and Catholics, but I do invite any others to follow along including non-Christians, our Jewish friends and even atheists. While I will start in a Christian context, much of what I have to offer will be secular and often simply logical. Continue reading