Hillary Clinton’s Abortion Partners Engage in Sexual Abuse of Girls

Hillary Clinton’s Abortion Partners at Planned Parenthood and NAF Engage in Sexual Abuse of Girls

ProLifeCorner – 10-20-2016 – Annarae staff writer- “It’s my body, I have a right to choose”.  We hear these words from pro-aborts ad ad nauseam  Instead of a cheap slogan women need to be informed it’ll come down to one of two choices. One to kill your baby in the womb, or two to let your baby live and free yourself from a lifetime of regret. But do women really have a right to control their own bodies?  The following link to Life News tells only part of the horror of abortion, not only to the baby, but to the women abused in abortion clinics by sexual perverts.

Women are not freed by abortion, but are being treated as trash to be used and discarded. This is what Planned Parenthood and their loyal supporters are promoting daily.  Read the article and decide the kind of person you want to lead our nation.  Hillary Clinton is rabidly pro-abortion and has promoted it all through her political career.  She has been honored by Planned Parenthood and has said in her campaign she would appoint pro-abortion Supreme Court Justices.  Furthermore, she wants all of us to pay more for abortions, even more than the estimated 1,000,000,000 billion dollars between federal and state governments. This woman is delusional and soon could have her finger on the nuclear button. Continue reading