Thank You Pro Life Corner Readers

Rockford, Il – 7-24-2014 – ( – by James – The Knights of Columbus led a fundraising drive to purchase a new ultrasound machine for CareSource in Rockford.  By the grace of God the ultrasound is in place and was blessed by Bishop David Malloy on Wednesday July 23rd. Continue reading

New Ultrasound Machine Needed

Rockford, Il – ( – 3-9-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – The Rockford Area Pregnancy Care Center has been helping mothers and children in the Rockford area for over thirty years and has played a part in the saving of countless children’s lives. They are now in urgent need for a new ultrasound machine.  The ultrasound machine they have been using at their East State Street location is old with a very poor quality picture. Continue reading

Freeport Pregnancy Center-Helping Families for over 20 Years Annarae- The Freeport Pregnancy Center has been helping women and families in the Freeport and surrounding area for over 20 years with a multitude of services.  Some of these services are pregnancy tests, adoption information and referrals, personal support throughout pregnancy, referrals for medical care, financial assistance, and housing, to name just a few of the services available. Continue reading

Forty Years Later

Freeport, Il – ( – 1-2-2013 – by Chris Munda – Forty years ago the US Supreme Court ruled that abortion was now “legal” in our nation.  This was not really a ruling, but a usurpation of the powers of the Legislative branch of the government. Continue reading

Ultrasound Fundraiser for Freeport Pregnancy Center – Freeport Illinois – The Knights of Columbus Council 12120 will be hosting a pork loin dinner for the benefit of the Freeport pregnancy center. The profits from this dinner will be donated to the Freeport Pregnancy Center to be applied towards the purchase of a new ultrasound machine. A properly operating ultrasound machine is critical to the operations of the pregnancy center. Statistically speaking nine out of ten abortion minded mothers will choose life when they see their child in their womb. Continue reading