“It is Finished!”

“It is Finished!”

ProLifeCorner-  Justin’s and Chelsea’s joy at the news that they will soon be parents is shattered a few weeks later, when doctors discover that their unborn baby, Melissa, suffers from anencephaly, a fatal congenital defect in which most of the brain is missing or severely underdeveloped. Anencephalic infants die within weeks after birth, and the couple is advised to terminate the pregnancy. Continue reading

From God to Government: America’s Road to Hell

ProLifeCorner.com-  4-16-2014-  by Larry Plachno- If you watch the surveys you will find that most Americans are unhappy with the directions our country has taken. They feel that we are headed downhill both morally and economically. Many are asking why.

        It does not take rocket science to figure out where we made the wrong turns. We stopped looking to God for good and evil and instead looked to Washington and the Supreme Court. We stopped working together to support marriage, family and children but instead asked government to support selfishness and individualism. We stopped looking to church, husbands and fathers for guidance and support and instead looked to government for approval and welfare. We have gone from strong families and weak government to stronggovernment and weak families and are now paying the price. Continue reading

Who Should We Blame?

ProLifeCorner.com- 1-13-2013  by Larry Plachno-  Who is at fault for our deteriorating society? In spite of record low fertility rates we continue to abort our next generation. The number of families is declining and many of us continue to look at pregnancy, babies and children as evil and something to be eliminated. Continue reading