Videos To Help Clarify The HHS Mandate

( – by Staff – Not only is Obama evil for putting forth his HHS mandate, he is using lies, deceptions, using every means available including the mainstream media to spread his propaganda.  We have assembled some videos to clarify how wrong the Obama HHS mandate is, how dictatorial it is and how we must resist this plan and all who promote it.


Gloria Purvis – HHS Mandate is Anti-Woman: Catholics Need to Speak Up

Dr. Marie Anderson – HHS Mandate Discriminates Against Catholic Doctors

Dr. Marie Anderson – HHS Mandate is Bad for Women’s Health

I Have a Say: Father John Hollowell

Will Obama take the Mass next? For Our Catholic Friends

Test of Fire: Election 2012

The Con

Allen West March for Life

Carrie Severino – HHS Mandate is Unconstitutional

Maria Montserrat Alvarado – HHS Mandate is Not a Women’s Issue

Gloria Purvis – HHS Mandate and How to Get Involved

Maria Montserrat Alvarado – HHS Mandate – Govt Can’t Tell Religions What to Believe

Women’s Panel – HHS Mandate and Health Risks

Fr. John’s HHS Mandate homily

HHS Mandate Update

Bishop Edward J. Slattery responds to President Obama’s HHS Mandate “accommodation” 2/10/12

Fr. Barron comments on the HHS Contraception Mandate

The HHS Mandate: Anti-Catholic and Un-American, Fr. Barron comments

HHS Contraception Mandate

Archboshop Vigneron: Bishops Vow to Fight HHS Mandate

Cardinal George warns Obama against moving U.S. towards despotism

Obama’s Anti-Catholic HHS Mandate fox

Obama and Catholic Traitors

Ave Maria University to Fight HHS Mandate

Fr. David interviewed about HHS mandate and the Church

HHS Mandate-Bishop Olmsted Letter-Diocese of Phoenix


Cardinal Wuerl on the HHS Mandate

Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist and Jewish Leaders Swear Disobedience to HHS Mandate

Fr. Terence Henry, TOR, responds to the HHS Mandate.

Contraception Mandate Response

Fr. Dan Pattee, TOR, on the HHS Mandate

Catholic Bishops United Against the HHS Mandate

2012 Election Standoff

Bishop Rhoades press conference on HHS Mandate

Truth & Charity: Patrick Madrid on Abortion and HHS Mandate

Catholic News Roundup On HHS Mandate

Obama Overthrowing the Church

Obama and The Diabolical

Please Join Us In Prayer

Got a minute?  We have compiled a collection of one minute video prayers that can help us get through the day.    It is our hope we can all join together in some of the prayers they offer, especially for an end to abortion, prayers for the elderly, prayers for our nation, and other intentions.  We are all God’s family, and as a great man said, “The family that prays together, stays together.”

These prayers were produced by EWTN,  an internationally known religious network accessible on most cable or satellite networks.  They can also be found at   We will be adding more prayers as time goes by.  It is our sincere hope that some of these prayers will address some of your concerns in life.  God bless you and thank you for praying with us.

For Mothers

For Fathers

For Women Considering Abortion

For Our Pastor

For Alcoholics

Act of Faith

For the Holy Spirit’s Gifts of Healing

For Those Living with an Alcoholic

For Peace

For Those Who Govern Us

For Our Nation

For Those Who Suffer with Diabetes

For Our Siblings

Act of Hope

For Christian Freedom

Act of Love

For the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

For an End to Violence

To be the Lord’s Instruments

Those Who Suffer with Cancer

Rockford Pro-Life Videos Group 2

Due to the popularity of our video page, it has become very long.  To alleviate this problem we created a second video page, group 2…

In case you missed the videos in Group 1, click here:
A Post-abortive Father Tells His Story
Rockford Artist Uses Truth, Goodness, and Beauty To Combat The Ugliness Of Abortion
The human intellect can come to a knowledge of the True, (what is) and the Good, (what ought to be done) and what is Beautiful: "Beauty is the glow of the true and the good that flows out of every ordered state of being."   Our lives are meant for truth, goodness, and beauty.
Story:   Video Below:


Rockford Abortionist Dennis Christensen
Public Statements By The Abortionist / Owner Of The Notorious Rockford Abortion Mill Reveal The Cold, Brutal, And Barbaric Nature Of Abortion Please be prepared!  In the Rockford abortionist’s own words, you will read what is being done to children in this city.  Story:



A Tribute To Rockford’s Pro-life Citizens
The Pro Life Corner would like to offer a special video tribute to all the pro-life citizens who come to the Rockford abortion mill to pray and to counsel. These courageous men, women, and children come to the foot of the cross in Rockford in rain, sleet, snow, and blazing heat to offer prayers to God and to show the love of Christ to women considering abortion.Let us all offer our prayers for these brave and devoted people; pray that our loving Lord will protect them from all harm, physical and spiritual, and that He will answer their prayers and end abortion. Video Below:



The Loss Of Lives And Souls.
"It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than you harm one of these little ones."  Luke 17:2



Hope Has Arrived At Rockford’s Abortion 8 20 2010
Life-Saving Pro-Life Mobile Ultrasound Unit to Park at Rockford’s Abortion Mill Every Friday Story:   Video Below:




Pro-Abortion Rage And Violence Can’t Stop Pro-Lifers From Helping Save A Baby
Rockford IL, August 20, 2010 – Rockford’s abortion mill pulled out all the stops in trying to block pro-lifers from helping mothers today.  Wayne Webster, the owner of the abortion mill, was enraged last week when a pro-life mobile ultra-sound motor home parked in front of a small newspaper office next to the abortion mill.  So this week he decided to park some of his old clunker cars in the parking spots used by the mobile ultrasound in a failed attempt to block women from receiving it’s help. Story:   Video Below:




Exposing The Evil Of Baby-Killing In Rockford
Abortion in Rockford has been hidden behind the walls of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center for over 25 years.  Keeping concealed from the public what is actually done to persons in the womb is the most powerful weapon these people have in their war on children.
This video filmed on location while babies were being killed inside Rockford’s abortion mill accurately describes and demonstrates the two basic types of abortion procedures done in abortion clinics today.  Real abortion medical instruments of death are used in this video.
It’s time for the people of this city to see and know the barbaric, vicious, and brutal nature of how children are killed in the Rockford abortion mill.  Video Below:



Dehumanizing the Vulnerable in Rockford: When Word Games Are Used To Kill
In an effort to sooth their conscience over the killing of babies in the womb, abortion supporters have used various terms to dehumanize children in the womb.  Such as:  less than fully human, non-persons, parasites, diseases, product of conception, clump of cells, and the Orwellian "legal non-person."



The Truth is, Abortion Kills  8 29 10 Is The Rockford Abortion Mill Not Reporting Child Predators?
 Rockford IL – On Saturday August 28, two men walked into Rockford’s abortion mill with a young lady following.  Shortly after they were inside one of the men came out and spoke with sidewalk counselors about his friend who is over 18 who is taking an under age girl in the Rockford abortion mill to have an abortion.
Story   Video Below:



ALL REPORT: The Health Care Betrayal

Sr. Keehan and 60 progressive nuns claim abortion coverage is not in the Obama Health Reform Law, yet the Dept. of Health and Human Services released $160 million for emergency insurance to cover abortions … UNDER the new law (read about it here:…. So who is really to blame for this great expansion of abortion and birth control?  Hint: It’s not exactly who you may think.

You can watch the video here:

Katie Walker
Director of Communication
American Life League
1179 Courthouse Road
Stafford, Virginia 22554

Rockford Pro-Life Videos Group 1

 Go here to see a collection of the informative and interesting videos pertaining to pro-life and exposing the evils of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.

 If you know of a video that does not appear here, send us the link so we can share it with others.
Why are you here at the Rockford killing center?
Jerry Paulson asked some of the prayer warriors gathered at the Rockford abortion mill for their reasons for being at the killing center


Litany For Life Rockford

For those of you who cannot be with us praying Rockford’s abortion center, we invite you to be with us spiritually and lift up our hearts in prayer to our Father in heaven for the purpose of bringing an end to the slaughter of His innocent unborn babies.

Surrender not an option 6 min

Here is a short inspirational video reminding us that the battle that we are involved in is a spiritual battle; a battle not of flesh and blood but a battle of principalities and powers.

Kevin Rilott Speaks Out:Two Part Interview On Video

40 Days for Life Kick-off Rally

Click Link:



Outrageous abuse directed at Pro-Life protesters in Rockford

Rockford Abortion Mill


Rockford Bubble Zone Feb 1 2010


Rockford Life Initiative Press ConferenceFeb 1 2010


Lisa’s Baby Died Here/SILENT NO MORE


League Truth Tour Covered by FoxNews 17 Rockford


A Tribute To Rockford’s Pro-life Citizens.The Pro Life Corner would like to offer a special video tribute to all the pro-life citizens who come to the Rockford abortion mill to pray and to counsel.
These courageous men, women, and children come to the foot of the cross in Rockford in rain, sleet, snow, and blazing heat to offer prayers to God and to show the love of Christ to women considering abortion. Let us all offer our prayers for these brave and devoted people; pray that our loving Lord will protect them from all harm, physical and spiritual, and that He will answer their prayers and end abortion.

Face The Truth Tour Rockford 8 10 10
A angry abortion supporter responded by, giving the finger (this seemed to be the official sign of abortion supporters) or irrational tirades as you can see in video below.



Alderman’s Boyfriend Threatens Pro-Lifers Then Begins Licking A Pro-Lifer’s Camera Lens!
Rockford, IL  – In another bizarre action by an abortion supporter at the notorious Rockford Illinois abortion mill, the alleged long time live-in boyfriend, James Harnden, of the bubble zone-promoting Rockford alderman Karen Elyea, threatened pro-lifers with harm.   Then in a strange and disgusting twist, he began licking the camera lens of a pro-lifer that was videotaping his threatening behavior.

In case you missed the videos in group 2 click here:


Anti-Christian, racist video

Caution: Vulgar and Bigoted Language, Parental Discretion Advised


Bigotry and hate speech video shot at Rockford, Il abortuary.

 This anti-Christian, racist video was shot at the Rockford Il. abortion mill, NIWC (Northern Illinois Women’s Center) and is a must see.  Abortion is the new civil rights cause, in the words of  Martin Luther King’s niece, Alveda King Tookes.   “There are people dying in this country, every day,” she said, focusing on the plight of a different set of powerless people.  “They are unborn children.”  “The fight against abortion is a new frontier in the civil rights movement.” 


You can help the pro-life movement by sending this link:  to everyone in your address book and ask them to do the same.

 Have a blog?  Web site?  Know someone who does?  Get this information to them for posting. 


Pro-lifers are not second class citizens.  Our right to free speech and freedom of assembly is systematically being denied.  Pro-lifers all across this country for too long have suffered physical and verbal abuse as well as loss of civil rights. 


 Now is the time to take a stand.  We pray that the rights to pro-lifers all across this country will be restored, especially the rights of the most innocent, the baby in the womb.

The  is here to keep you abreast of these civil rights issues as they unfold in Rockford, Il..  Bookmark our site and come back often.



We would like to tell you about the work of a wonderful organization, the Thomas More Society, at They have repeatedly stepped forward to defend the rights of pro-life activists.  You can go to their site and get details on the recent civil rights case filing involving a city of Rockford, IL bus driver and the city’s violation of free speech to pro-lifers.


After 35 years of the pro-life movement it is clear that our rights as citizens will not be restored without legal action.


God bless you for your help and may God bless this once great nation with liberty and justice for all, the born and unborn.




To Read The Text Of The Video: